Ladies and gentlemen, we have a deal. While there is no guarantee that the House will be able to obtain the 216 votes required to raise the debt ceiling, it does seem that we will avoid default barring any late drama. My first reaction after hearing about this deal and the details within the legislation was not what I expected. I was not thinking about the proposed $3 trillion in cuts or the fact that we are going to have yet another committee in Washington. A few months ago, who could have seen the fact that we may see Defense cuts, entitlement cuts, and tax reform all in the next few months with this President in office? But none of this grabbed my attention immediately. Rather, I first thought to myself, “What am I supposed to do now?”

My favorite show is nearing its season finale and I am facing withdrawal issues. This crisis has captivated me, and the nation, for a month. Some days were encouraging while some were frustrating. Our leaders came so close to imploding our economy. This show had two rivals pitted against each other playing in a strategic game with America’s fiscal future and in doing so gave all who watched a few grey hairs along the way. Every day had a new headline, a new story that brought out new opinions and emotions.

America laughed when Pelosi accused the Speaker of “going over to the dark side.” We were insulted at Harry Reid’s plan full of gimmicks but even more furious at the Tea Party who seemed to be getting in the way of everything. The Gang of Six gave us hope and personally, Obama made me cry when he made my life so much more difficult after telling Americans to call their Congressman. (When you guys called to shout at your Congressman… yeah, that was me on the other side of all of those conversations)

The point is that we got hooked; this was a real life drama whose plot became more complex after each day. With just a few hours to go and the talks at a dire point, our worn and battered leaders finally mustered up a deal. What an epic climax to this story. While there are a couple more chapters still left, I can’t help but think about how boring next month will be compared to this one.

So…“What now?”

There are still a lot of story lines that we have ignored this past month. Just in case you think everything will be fine and dandy now allow me to remind you we still have an FAA that has 4,000 people out of work, another round of deficit reduction votes in November, a presidential primary no one seems to be winning in, unrest in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, a conflict in Libya, and most important and horrifying of all… an NBA lockout. Seriously, what will we do if we all can’t cheer against Lebron – that’s something Republicans and Democrats can agree on!

I know we need to pass this first before looking ahead but I just want to see what happens next. I’m hooked!