Seriously folks, more often than any other pundit, Peggy Noonan pitches a tent in my head, steals my ideas and writes brilliant columns. Her latest is exactly what I would have said, only more betterer.

Noonan: They’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling


  • Sartho

    Loved it! I do know a select few liberals that are still O lovers, but they’re also not the types that actually keep up with what’s going on in the nation and/or world. They still just repeat his previous campaign talking points.

  • Brian H

    GREAT article.

    Actually, It has become entertaining to hear libs continue to defend this guy. I defended Bush because I simply loved the guy, and still do, without apology. Yet, Noonan is so right. Nobody I have spoken with seems to have unconditional love for BO accept a few hangers-on in the African American community.

    The shirts, hats, jackets, jeans, and murals that once proudly displayed the myth of Obama are now long gone, a thing of the past. In fact, one has to stop and remind themselves that this is the same guy and that three short years ago one could not escape the images of the Obama-nation.

    During the campaign in 2008 I was wrong. I continued to predict that the fad of Obama would fade before November, 2008. I continued to believe the Jonas Brother of politics was coming to an end. I was wrong. The fad of Obama easily carried him into victory and through inauguration, but, at some point reality of the man’s ineptitude started to become more and more obvious to all. In fact, his greatest accomplishments thus far have been those decisions he has made to continue the policies of the Bush administration. I can think of no single issue Obama has initiated completely on his own that can be judged a success.

    The ONLY thing that can save Obama’s job is an undisciplined GOP caucus that allows weak unserious candidates to win this primary season.

  • Jacosta

    AWESOME article! Nothing could be said that is more true of this! Obama is such a loser and I’m glad to see people waking up to the fact that we hired a janitor into a CEO position! Heck, even janitors can act more responsibly than this nut in the Oval Office!