Let me just get this straight, Republicans pass a bill that has popular support and Democrats refuse to even bring it up for a vote. So the logical thing for Republicans to do then is to scramble and offer up another more compromising bill while still trying to wrangle up votes so that the Democrats can reject it AGAIN? Democrats are chuckling to themselves on the sidelines, elbowing each other and asking “Is this really happening?”

This gives me flashbacks to the 1st grade when I kept asking my teacher to go to the bathroom during class and she kept denying me. One side kept offering up a solution to a problem and the other side kept saying no. The solution was for the best interest of both parties yet my teacher for some odd reason refused. Guess how the story ends; I did the only logical thing to do and went right there. Congress will share the same fate, no one wins.

Republicans have done their job; they have sat at the table and listened to daddy Obama lecture them on sacrifice (from a red carpet; if that’s not ironic I don’t know what is.) Why is the GOP looking like their party is splitting up faster than Lamar Odom and the fat Kardashian will when Lamar is traded from L.A. to Indiana? (Wouldn’t that make a great reality show though? I will be on the phone with MTV shortly after finishing this post.)

Why aren’t we focusing on the fact that the left has a bigger problem? Obama wants to eat peas, Harry Reid should be eating his own words from 2006, and the far left is eating… er, dust (this is a family friendly website) in the most recent polls.

So given all this, why is the tea party playing the game all wrong? I admire the zeal these activists show and I believe their protest against this bill is well intentioned, it’s just not smart. Their stand has actually weakened the Republicans leverage in these negotiations. You know how I know the Boehner bill is a good compromise? No one likes it. Everyone wants it their way, now no one will get that… but America wins. The Speaker has had to postpone voting on this bill twice to make sure he has enough votes FROM HIS OWN PARTY!

This obvious divide amongst our own party has made the GOP look foolish. It’s time for the GOP to put the pressure cooker on the other side for a change and see how quickly they wet the bed when they have to actually propose and pass a plan.