Down goes Tigger!


Filed Under Congress on Jul 28 

Is there something wrong with the water in D.C.? Senator Ensign, Congressman Lee, Congressman Weiner, and now Congressman Wu have all resigned for sex related accusations his year. Just to make sure we all still have our sanity allow me to state THIS IS NOT NORMAL! To put in perspective how rare resignation is for a representative from Oregon, nearly twice as many Representatives from Oregon have died in office than resigned.

The allegations arose when an 18 year old woman sent a message to Wu’s district office accusing him of “aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior.” Even before these horrible allegations, Wu’s sanity has been questioned. During his close re-election campaign in 2010 Wu’s staff demanded the congressman seek psychiatric treatment because they were concerned about his odd, frantic, and erratic behavior. This erratic behavior includes dressing up as the world’s creepiest tiger for no apparent reason. Doesn’t this guy seem like the worst possible boss ever? Actually, it turns out that many of his staffers quit on him during the 2010 election.

Its as if America got into this bad relationship with its elected officials. These congressmen embarrass the American people, make us cynical about our political system, and even though we know we should break up with them, we keep coming back. So whether its an affair with an aide, Craiglist stalking, tweeting half naked pictures of yourself, or feeling up a campaign donor’s daughter, the basic fact is “Politicians and diapers have one thing in common; they should both be changed regularly and for the same reason.” Man oh man, I was always told that anyone could become a congressman but this is ridiculous.

Thankfully, these sad men have been disgraced for their actions. I hear that Mr. Wu has even found a new gig appearing in the new Winnie the Pooh movie out this summer.