Putting aside all the mind-numbing numbers, plans, variations, approaches, and proposals, the overriding question is this: Is President Obama’s main goal to reduce the deficit and cap the debt limit, or is his main goal to use the current circumstance as an opportunity to gain a highly-visible political advantage with the American electorate?

Accusations are flying back and forth about whether either side can say “yes” to anything, whether the “goal posts have been moved” after the game is already underway, all kinds of statements that are counter-productive if both sides are negotiating in good faith towards the same objective.

That is the key phrase: “Negotiating in good faith towards the same objective.”

The President may have a different agenda. Given his non-business, preferential treatment, community-organizer, Government-handout, Affirmative Action background and mindset, many believe that President Obama does not truly interpret and internalize the country’s current financial situation in the same manner as a more business-minded Republican might. Certainly, nothing in Obama’s history as President indicates even the slightest regard for deficits, Government spending levels or other budgetary concerns. His own budget was rejected by the Democratically-controlled Senate in February 97-0! He has wracked up a far larger national deficit in a shorter amount of time than any President in history.

Whether or not his early-Administration spending spree was justified by the extreme economic circumstances we were in at the time is a discussion for another time. (Liberals will say ‘yes,’ Conservatives will say ‘no.’ Let’s leave it at that.) The salient point now is that the economy has stabilized somewhat since the precarious, wobbly days of late’08/early’09, yet the President’s appetite for continued Government spending for new programs and regulations continues unabated. He gives no outward indication of any concern for deficit or debt considerations. No indication whatsoever.

Now the Debt Ceiling is fast approaching and with it, the entire question of runaway Government spending and our national debt. We’re to believe that after three years of unrestricted spending and the creation of several bloated, costly new Government programs, that suddenly the Debt and national deficit are of major concern to the President? Seems highly questionable, to say the least.

At least as likely is this: The President sees an opportunity to use this financial crisis as a club with which to berate Republicans as “Putting our seniors’ Social Security checks at risk,” all because they want to “Preserve the tax breaks for the corporate jet owners who contribute to their campaigns.”

My contention is that President Obama—on a truly fundamental level—doesn’t understand business and is not concerned with trivial matters like “the Debt” and “deficits.” As with most tax-and-spend Liberals, it’s so much Monopoly money to him. Need more? Print more.

But he is a master (aided by the liberal MSM) at squeezing the Republicans into a no-win PR corner where he comes off looking reasonable and making the Republicans look like hard-hearted, uncaring automatons. Obama has always been and will continue to be all about “fairness” and “appearance.” Those corporate jet owners need to pay higher taxes because that’s only “fair,” and he’s banking that the casually-attentive, easily-swayed independent voter likes the “appearance” of that—and of a President who makes the “rich” pay more than their fair share.

For President Obama, it’s all about the appearance, it’s all about class warfare, it’s all about putting the Republicans in a bad light. It’s not—and has never been—about Moody’s or S&P’s credit rating or our future financial prospects.

This is cynical, Party-first, country-second (if at all) politicking at its worst.