With the campaigns of Pawlenty, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Santorum, and Roemer all faltering, the Republican field looks to be slimming down early this year. Each of these candidates have a small loyal following but have had trouble spreading their message. Romney and Bachman are gaining traction while Ron Paul has surprised some. The nomination is still wide open for a late entry like Rick Perry or Rudy Giuliani though. Something still feels missing though…

Introducing Paul Vasquez for president! Otherwise known as “The double rainbow guy,” Paul is using Votocracy, a Facebook application which helps start your own presidential campaign. So far Paul has 50 supporters, disappointing if you consider his YouTube video has 30 million views. This guy can’t be kept down though. Paul lives in a trailer park and his main hobby is organic farming, yet he became an internet sensation overnight. We all have seen how quickly he can garner support, its just a matter of time before this guy becomes a contender!

In all seriousness though, this concept of online campaigning is very interesting, but not because i think Paul has any shot. Anthony Weiner has a better chance of capturing the Republican nomination than anyone using Votocracy of becoming president. I think its interesting because we are starting to come to the new era of campaigning. Social media will play more and more of a role during elections in future years.

I see the new social media factor playing out in one of two ways. Anyone currently in college, such as myself, could be scrutinized in the future for posting something stupid. Thousands of pictures of each candidate will be judged. Politics might get a whole lot dirtier. The other reaction could be just as drastic though. We could ignore it. Because everyone’s skeletons will be known, they won’t be counted as skeletons anymore. Votocracy will not impact the field running for president in 2012, but that may not be the case in the future. Who knows, if we start ignoring the skeletons of each candidate; maybe our friend Paul Vasquez will get his opportunity.