The 2011 edition of the “Gang of Six” made their proposed debt reduction proposal today, take a look here.

Since I have only had a few moments to review the proposal, I have only formed an early opinion. My initial reaction is so far so good! The numbers are $3.7 trillion in total cuts and $500 billion in immediate cuts. This bipartisan measure seems to focus on spreading the tax base which allows us to increase revenue by $1 trillion yet lower marginal rates for everyone. The new highest income tax rate would be 29%. This bill sets up three tax brackets and abolishes the Alternative Minimum Tax (worth $1.7 trillion) The legislation also reforms enitlement spending and cuts from discretionary spending from every department.

I feel like this really is a fair and balanced compromise. (By this I do not mean a “Fox News compromise.”) Let me know what you guys think about this deficit plan. Judging from the comments on the last post I am sure we will have a number of varying views so go ahead and sound off on this!


  • dw

    Daniel, read the following link to understand why the so-called cuts are really tax increases.

  • David Kaiser, Editor

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    • Brian H

      Great job, K.

      I wish someone would teach me how to spam. I could spam “elections have consequences” over and over again without having to continuously type it.

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  • Brian H

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  • Brian H

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  • Gary Russell

    I haven’t seen this much Spam since I was a kid.

  • Troy La Mana

    Cain takes on the racist Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee and blasts Obama for not taking on this issue last year:

  • HB

    I feel this “budget” is like putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. but that is j.ust me