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Everyone thinks they have a solution to this debt ceiling predicament that we are in. I am no different; the only thing is that each solution presented so far serves one side or the other. That doesn’t work for one teensy little reason… no one wants to go back to their districts and have to admit that they lost or they gave in to the evil empire on the other side. Politics is at its best during these moments. This is where things get both interesting and scary. We now have a three way Mexican standoff between the president, Republicans and Democrats. Each side has a political agenda and all of them refuse to blink. Someone has to lose this staring contest though, right?

Let’s quickly ponder what happens if no agreement is made and we do default. Stock market free falls, possibly even to 2009 levels. Payments aren’t made and therefore workers are laid off and the economy dips into a second recession. The United States credit rating becomes at risk of falling from its current AAA standard meaning interest rates soar. Essentially, all hell will break loose if this doesn’t get done. Now one thing history tells us is this: No one wins if this scenario plays out.

Republicans are deemed stubborn and uncaring to their constituents. They will be portrayed as defenders of the rich while everyone else is struggling to make ends meet. The Democrats will look exactly like a certain diva. What I mean by this is that the American people will see them as incompetent and unable to stop spending ridiculous hoards of money. Bottom line is that incumbents will be falling faster in the 2012 elections than the stock market will in August. No one wants this, it does not benefit Republicans. It certainly does not benefit Obama and the Democrats.

The crazy part is that this may all actually happen. Each side is so sure that the other will blink before they let the country go into this kind of disaster that they stick by their own agenda. Republicans: How many more jobs would be lost if we default than if we raise taxes? Democrats: What’s the point of refusing any cuts to entitlements if refusing means we will not be able to pay them out? Mr. President: What good will all your rhetoric be if you can’t convince these two sides that they share the same fate?

My Conclusion: even if all three sides cave in a little and take some flak from their bases, it is far better than the latter option. Don’t take me wrong, I am rooting for the Republicans to get their way with these negotiations but I feel as if there is no way to actually “win.” DC has put itself in a no-win situation; they might as well try to cut their losses and compromise now rather than guarantee that they won’t be back in 2013.


  • Daniel Bassali

    Thank you all for the kind words and input. I am really excited about contributing to this website and look forward to hearing more input from you guys. Please do not hold anything back good or bad and let me know your opinions and ideas. I can’t wait to see all the good debates and discussions we will have.

    • Alaina

      Us hold back? That’s one thing you’ll never have to worry about! :-)

      Great analysis. Welcome to PD.

  • Brian H

    Good post, Daniel.

    The Republican will be better served if they argue their principles going into 2012. As I have said MANY MANY times in PD, “elections have consequences”. Unfortunately we are living through the consequences that resulted in Obama becoming POTUS. The GOP needs to get what they can from this admin. but should not position themselves holding the bag of financial collapse. They have two years to make their case to the American people, not two weeks.

  • Steve Feinstein

    Welcome, Daniel. It’s nice to have another intelligent voice on PD. Hope to hear from you often.

    The Dems and president Obama are buttressed by their ever-loyal allies in the liberal media, who will do everything it takes to portray the Republicans as “idealogically-stubborn,” “heartless,” and “beholden to the rich,” all for the purpose of influencing the middle 20% undecideds (who get their news mostly–and unthinkingly–from the MSM).

  • WilliamK

    In the end, everyone will “win” by taking the deal proposed that kicks the can down the road past the 2012 election.

    Likely some deal were they pass a law that won’t raise the limit unless the president veto’s the law, if the pres veto’s it, the limit would go up unless the veto is over-ridden. This would allow democrats to vote “for” raising the limit and republicans to vote “against”, while both get to see the limit go up when Obama veto’s the law and the can gets kicked down the road.

  • Whodat

    So, what we have here is Daniel in the lion’s den… Always remember to lock the cage door behind you. Be extra careful of the Ron Paul automatons… They keep going, and going, and going…

    What we currently have in DC is government as Jefferson and Madison envisioned; in a state of constant revolution and turmoil. Rancorous debate and even bitter name calling would be music to the ears of people who truly believed, “That government is best which governs least” and “I hold that a little revolution is a good thing, and as important in the political world as storms in the physical.”

    I think the name calling could be a little classier, so just in case any of the players ever read this blog, I include a few favorites from the Master of insults, the Bard himself:
    canker-blossum, foot-licker, veriest varlet that ever chewed with a tooth, thou art a boil – a plague sore,long tongu’d babbling gossip, not so much brain as ear wax, highly fed and lowly taught, infinite and endless liar – an hourly promise breaker…

    With Shakespeare’s help, I think they could take it to a higher level… But, they are all, after all, only politicians and so the debate will remain fairly low – as should our expectations of the outcome!

  • Troy La Mana

    Republicans have to stand firm on not raising the debt limit, forcing real cuts in spending and pushing for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

  • Joel Bacon

    Well said Daniel.

  • Rochelle

    Welcome! Good analysis.