I am amazed Americans are still buying the ‘blame the other guy it’s not my fault’ argument on the economy. There should be wide-spread outrage. The unemployment report for June has just been released showing yet another increase to 9.2%! Businesses will not invest in growth or expansion in the current political environment filled with government intervention.
To the left you can see a slighty dated (though the point remains the same) chart from James Pethokoukis comparing President Obama’s claims of the effects on employment with and without his so-called ‘stimulus’ compared with reality. an updated chart with actual monthly unemployment through May.

This is why anyone with the generic title of “Republican” is polling ahead of Obama and the administration itself has admitted to the negative effects of the ‘stimulus’ bill.

Is this country so partisan that it is now rendered blind and stupid? Where is the wide-spread outrage against the worst economic policies since Jimmy Carter?