Fifty three percent of “likely voters” favor repealing Obamacare, according to Rasmussen Reports. There are not many issues, save taxes and spending, that will be more broadly discussed and contested. However, the Republican frontrunner, Mitt Romney, will have the most difficult time making the case against Obamacare.

This leads to some interesting questions. A majority of those who favor repealing the health care law are likely Republicans. Will this cause them to reject Romney? If so, do candidates without the national appeal of Romney such as Pawlenty, Bachmann, and Cain even stand a chance, were they to take the nomination. If Romney does win the nomination, does his record on health care drive independent voters who want the law repealed back to Obama?

Equestrian fans, discuss.


  • Troy La Mana

    To answer your question: Yes it will adversely effect any sane Republican from voting for Romney. It is the main reason why I refuse to even consider voting for him, even if he wins the nomination.

  • Jacosta

    While I am not a huge fan of RomneyCare, even in some of its original version – I do, however, appreciate why he did what he did. There are many changes from his original bill and intent that a largely Liberal legislature did with vetoing, amending, etc, AFTER he left that made the original version less Conservative than what he wanted; these were changes beyond his control but gets blamed for. There are lots of Websites that go into detail on the similarities and differences between RomneyCare and ObamaCareThe Liberal state legislatures forced in a whole slew of mandates that drove the price up. They lowered the threshold which placed a lot more people into the program that was not part of the initial funding. The Massachusetts Liberals also raised up the bottom threshold to create a larger pool of people to receive benefits which the money was not in there to support.The Democrats also did what they do best…adding more people onto the government teet without considering the financial burdens. But, again, Romney gets blames for all this and more even though he had nothing to do with the changes.This is the ONLY area that is trouble for him as a Republican…in all other areas he is in-line with our conservative principles; and he has stated time and time again that the first thing he will do as president is repeal ObamaCare and let the State’s have their rights to do what they feel is best; which is the way it should be.I have studied in detail the RomneyCare process, its shortcomings, failures, and positives…Obama did NOT pattern his awful Federal Government attempt of socialized healthcare after the original version of Romney’s original version – no, Obama patterned his attempt of Massachusetts healthcare AFTER all the liberal changes crept in beyond Romney’s control and after he left Massachusetts and after Governor Devall Patrick messed it up!I have spoken with many “very” conservative Republicans (including 11 in the Tea Party movement) in Missouri, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, and Iowa who do favor Romney and see no issue with this subject because they, too, have done the research and are convinced that Romney would still be a great president, and trust that he would repeal ObamaCare.