Mitt Romney’s fundraising for the last three months has him dominating his rivals. According to the Washington Post, Romney has raised $18.25 million, a sum vastly higher than Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Jon Huntsman, and Herman Cain. In fact, Romney raised nearly $3 million more than those four combined.

On the other hand, Newt Gingrich, who has seen his campaign lose its steering wheel and its engine in the last couple of months, brought in only $2 million, and, according to Politico, has only $225,000 in the bank and is approximately $1 million in debt.

“Romney and Gingrich” is most certainly a tale of two candidates going in very opposite directions.


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  1. Promise Kept says:

    Your lack of a candidate is noted, so your position is not. At least I can identify my conservative beliefs as they relate to someone who is actually in the race, whether or not you agree with his chances. That “healthy look at the field” you refer to, is only as healthy as a “devout conservative”, like yourself, is able to chose and support one.

    Perhaps this may help firm up your definition of a Constitutional Conservative, so you may better explore your devotion to someone, anyone, who might actually be one AND win.

    • Rochelle says:

      You seem more determined to attack me than debate the actual statement that I made. I like many of the candidates. My conservatism, is no less proper than yours, just because I don’t choose to back Paul. I don’t agree that Paul is the most conservative candidate. And no, I will not debate that. I don’t need to. He can’t win, so its a non-issue. And this is that last I will say on the subject. I am glad you support him. I am glad you have passion. I am glad you want to better the country. We are on the same side, I think. I am glad we live in a country where we can have this debate and still shake hands in the end. I pray, yes pray, that our country will always stand as a beacon of hope for others who wish for the freedom to believe, debate and live.

      • Promise Kept says:

        No “attack” offered here, just friendly political banter on a race where clarification of that which defines a conservative is once more being weighed by every candidate who wants to distance their positions from the “progressives”, as they fancy themselves.

        I was not challenging your sincerity; just trying to offer a respectful challenge that means no harm to anyone, especially those who might define a true conservative better than I.

        My specific challenge to you was to help me understand what motivates your conservatism, if so far, none of the candidates ring true enough to you to identify at least one. Just being anti-Paul is kind of vague, eh?

  2. Rochelle says:

    There is something to be said for backing the most conservative candidate, — that can win! For instance- Christine O’Donnell, most conservative, couldn’t win. However, Scott Brown: semi-conservative, could win. Soooo: Paul, most conservative. Romney, or Perry, most conservative that can win.

    • Promise Kept says:

      Well then Rochelle, here is something to consider in your can win/can’t win rational.

      “Ron Paul, the conservative congressman from Texas, beat the entire field of GOP presidential contenders in a poll conducted recently among ‘882 highly active Republican voters in Texas.'”

      His percentages were slightly less than Perry’s and Romney’s combined.

      • Rochelle says:

        He can’t win in a general. He just can’t.

        • Promise Kept says:

          Is your faith in what can be, as strong as your confidence in what can never be?

          Here is yet another recent poll result that many found surprising, even those of us who agree with the results.

          “ is working to identify who conservative Christians think is the best, true Christian candidate to become the newest Republican Presidential challenger.

          A true Christian candidate is one who professes faith in Jesus Christ and upholds biblical doctrines and morality, especially regarding traditional marriage and the sanctity of life.”

          • Rochelle says:

            Yup, my faith in what can happen is as strong and actually stronger than my belief in what will not happen. That does not change my view that Paul will not win. I do not believe he will win the Republican nomination, nor do I believe he can win a general. He is too divisive.

            • Promise Kept says:

              Well then, who represents that faith you proclaim, as a candidate? You seem to believe that you Know conservative voters, and even the voting populous in general, enough to KNOW what CAN and CANNOT happen in Most Serious times like these, or am I missing something?

              There has NEVER been a more pivotal moment in the history of our country; where we are looking at issues that make past perceptions of Urgency seem very small in comparison.

              The numbers of declared Independents has swollen to match that of Republicans, to where each of them are only slightly less than the Dems by percentage of voters. Anyone, who can rally enough voters from any and all of these three divisions, CAN win.

              Much of what is discussed here on the PD is only all about winning vs. losing in a marginal races with nominal differences.

              If Ron Paul, or even I, myself, represent that which you would call “divisive”, then perhaps it may be because your political positions are too frail to be persuasive, eh?

              “Here’s to You Mr. Jefferson”, has some clever and thoughtful lines to an old Simon and Garfunkel song. Long live the differences, but NOT the divisiveness!

              • Rochelle says:

                Your passion is noted. Your logic is not. I am realistic. If Paul cannot convince me- a devout conservative- and he cannot convince the independents, and I do not believe he can, he cannot win. It is not a criticism of Paul, it is a healthy realistic look at the field. You may disagree, but without being disagreeable, I maintain my position. He cannot win.

  3. Troy La Mana says:

    I don’t screw up, they just don’t like my answers.

    • Promise Kept says:

      Troy, when you misreport Ron Paul’s quarterly contributions by a whole $4.2 MILLION, I challenge you to find anyone, anywhere who likes your “answers”.

      • Troy La Mana says:

        No, you screwed up. I quoted from Jan 1st to end of second quarter. Ron Paul won the 1st Qtr contributions as quoted by Politico.

        • Promise Kept says:

          To quote your opening words above, and abundant challenges for clarification from others here, you quoted and then said: “‘Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) raised $4.5 million between April 1 and June 30..’

          If you are going to tell the story you better tell the entire truth. The total for Ron Paul is actually 8.7 Million.”

          I went to Politico, but without a specific link, I couldn’t find ANY article that matched your stats, and because you never mentioned adding first and second quarter contributions UNTIL NOW, and NO ONE else was doing that either, including Ron Paul; then how were we to know what you were trying to correct?
          I don’t mind owning screw-ups if they are mine to own, but I’ll leave that to the jury of my peers here. So far, I’m only sorry that we have had to labor so long to be understood by you on this.

  4. Jacosta says:

    Troy – I noticed that you never supplied any rebuttal or facts to your accusation/statement above regarding Ron Paul?

  5. Troy La Mana says:

    To close out, it isn’t how much money you raise, it’s how you would lead the country. Romney could raise 100 Million and I still wouldn’t vote for him.

    I also won’t be voting for Ron Paul.

    • JoeW says:

      He doesn’t have to raise it he inherited it. He is not self made man. The guy just makes me puke.

    • Alaina says:

      For some of us, it doesn’t matter how much money you raise, but for others, they only get soundbites and those votes are bought with tons of dough… just ask Obama…

  6. Jacosta says:

    I believe the two best strongest, electable candidates are Perry & Romney!

  7. Gary Russell says:

    Money, schmoney…
    When Rick Perry gets in, he’s gonna steamroll them all.

    Interesting read:

  8. Jacosta says:

    Seems Troy likes to “bend” the truth quite a bit when it comes to being pro-Paul and anti-Mitt! Troy – David received his information from CNN, whose numbers are factual – and, hey! Romney DID at least raise a million in one nights’ fundraising! Try that, R.P.! On July 1st, Ron Paul’s campaign stated that it has indeed only raised 4.5 million….Troy – where are you getting your figures? I just went to Politico, CNN, Townhall, ABC, and even read the words of Paul himself – all confirming David’s figures.

    • Troy La Mana says:

      When did the Commie News Network become the be all end all of political reporting? Next you’ll say that the Huffington Post isn’t bias.

      • Promise Kept says:

        Contrary to Troy’s report, wherever he got his figures from, Ron Paul’s campaign is reporting 4.5 million for the quarter.

        Troy is right, however, in distrusting some media reporting on Paul’s fundraising accomplishment, because, for instance, “Morning Joe” Scarborough didn’t even mention Ron Paul as being in the race, much less report his contribution totals against the others.

        Here’s the screenshot from his show:

        Thanks for the hugely mistaken report, and your firm decision on who you won’t vote for, Troy. Your commitment to nothing specific is duly noted.

  9. Troy La Mana says:

    “Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) raised $4.5 million between April 1 and June 30..”

    If you are going to tell the story you better tell the entire truth. The total for Ron Paul is actually 8.7 Million. Yes it is less then half of Romney, so why lie about it? Paul did win the 1st Quarter according to Politico. Romney only has that much of a lead because of one nights fundraising in Las Vegas. You take that out and he is only slightly higher then the rest of the candidates.

  10. Joe W says:

    I know Ron Paul finished second,but does anyone know where Bachman finished?

  11. Jacosta says:

    LOL! THAT was funny! Way to go Gary!

  12. Gary Russell says:

    Not only has Gingrich lost his steering wheel and engine, soon they will even be reposessing the little pine tree air freshener that hangs from his rearview mirror.

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