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Filed Under Rate that Ad on Jun 30 


  • pdiddy

    lies but lies that work, it’s good for it’s purpose

  • Troy La Mana
  • Brian H

    A far cry from the “Hope and Change” rhetoric of three years ago. If this is the tone that is going to come from the incumbent horse in the race feel free to bet against this morning line favorite…he is done.

  • Whodat

    What is scary is that at least one focus group must have given the ad a thumbs up before they went with it. Also scary is that there is about 43% of our fellow Americans who will believe it outright. About 40% of us will believe none of it and those in the middle are wondering…

  • Troy La Mana

    It should have said, “We can’t keep tearing down America if the Republicans keep listening to you”

  • Troy La Mana
  • Brian H

    Not effective.

    What the add needs is some Sarah Mclachlan music, Sarah sitting on a couch rubbing the head of an elderly woman, and some malnourished puppies in cages.

    C’mon Libs!!! STEP UP YOUR GAME!!!


  • Alaina

    Gross. However, I’m sure it will be very effective when seen by those who are uninformed.