In my view, Iran is one of the top five most concerning countries to have nuclear weapons capabilities, especially considering the views of its leaders on Israel. Now reports are they have been test launching nuclear missiles.

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards said they had fired 14 missiles in an exercise, one of them a medium-range weapon capable of striking Israel or US targets in the Gulf….

Iran had also announced plans to triple its capacity to produce 20 percent enriched uranium….

Western governments fear Tehran is seeking to develop a ballistic capability to enable it to launch atomic warheads under cover of its civil nuclear programme.

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  • Whodat

    I am never kind to Bush, but I can’t fault him on this one. A country like Iran is going to work on weapons – maybe for offense or for defense – but they will want missles and nukes if others have them.

    So, there being no way to stop it short of invasion and occupation, it is going to happen and all the diplomatic hoopla and saber rattlin’ will fall short.

    I think all we can do is to stay armed and ready and tell them, “we are instituting a “rule of 100″; “you send one missile on us or Israel, you will get 100 back. Say good-bye to your kids and your dogs and your cities”

    I think we cannot stop what will happen, we just need to make sure they know what the consequences will be and then keep our hardware greased and loaded.

    • Alaina

      Don’t we know where they’re being developed? If so, why could we do some sort of strategic air strike to take out their facilities?

      • Troy La Mana

        They are spread out and underground which makes it difficult to take out all the facilities. It’s not like Operation Babylon in ’81. Same holds true for North Korea.

  • Alaina

    You know… I’ve never understood by Bush didn’t do anything about it…