As if wasting hundreds of millions of dollars over the past two years on pet projects flippantly referred to as “stimulus” was not enough, with unemployment not improving, the today the Democrats are talking about spending even more.

Democratic leaders called on Wednesday for additional spending to boost the sluggish U.S. economy, setting up a fresh hurdle for bipartisan efforts in Washington to head off a government debt default this summer.

Proving he has zero understanding of who or what actually creates jobs, Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Dick Durbin said:

“Get the recovery right before you get in this deficit-cutting mode. Get people back to work. Let’s start moving in that direction.”

How was it that Einstein defined insanity? Right. Einstein was not that bright anyway, I guess.

Chart credit: Jim Hoft.


  • Stephen Meehan

    Look, disagreeing with what the Dick Durbin says is fine. He’s far from my favorite person in Congress — but to say he has “no clue” what it takes to create jobs is reckless. I’m sure the many of the people with Ph.D.s in Economics (many with Noble Prizes in the dismal science) have “no clue” as well. I’m not saying Durbin or you are right or wrong — but people with “a clue” can disagree, there are merits to both sides.

    Look, I could post a chart with spending and unemployment inversely related from circa 1930. Spending and taxing when the economy is booming or recessing are different animals. You provide an average unemployment rate — the rate at the end of Bush’s term was near Obama’s average, because we were in a recession.

  • Promise Kept

    “Absolutely, but regardless”, now THERE’s a contradiction in terms, Alaina!

    My “Primary” point is that if we don’t set our standards high enough to maintain our own self-respect as true Liberty-loving conservatives, then we cannot hope to persuade others to vote more like us.

    We’ve been H.W.ed, Doled, and McCained enough already, haven’t we?

    • Promise Kept

      BTW, I only left Dubya, off the above list because he deserves special recognition as an example the GOP getting what they wanted for eight whole years, at the expense of what was left of our good name.

  • Promise Kept

    Since we are in a primary race, shouldn’t we be more focused on asking ourselves, who among our choices will be bringing in the foundational changes necessary to repair the damage done to the public trust by the long list of bipartisan failures to this, and other high offices?

    At the bottom of the 1980 primary race was Bob Dole, with just 0.06% of the vote. You’d think by this alone, that the GOP would know better than to run him against Clinton in 1996, wouldn’t you?

    • Alaina

      Absolutely, but regardless of who is nominated, we have to stand behind that person 100%. If we don’t, we can look forward to another 4 years of Obomb.

  • Troy La Mana

    The only way things change is if there is a new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on Jan 20th 2012.

    • Promise Kept

      Will ANY “new resident” result in significant change? Not if history serves us well!

      • Gary Russell

        Yes, he/she will.
        Historical precedent?
        1976 – Jimmy Carter
        1980 – Ronald Reagan

        • Scott A. Robinson

          This is why 83% of Republican voters in a poll this week said they will vote Republican, regardless of who the candidate is!

  • Alaina

    Doing the same thing and expecting different results… by definition, it’s that crazy?