He’s still speaking as of 10:12 a.m., but my first instinct is that this might be one of the dullest campaign announcements I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen more passion on a PBS PSA. I’m baffled that his campaign is launching where Reagan did and inviting the comparisons.

Your reactions to Huntsman’s entry into the horse race?


  • Whodat

    “RINO” is a very polite and PC way to say what some of us think of the sewer scum who have or would sell us out in deals with liberals. RINO is a good word and should be used at every occasion to put a so-called “Republican” and especially a self-appointed “conservative” on the defensive. Trial by fire! If we call them a RINO and they can prove they are not: they’re in!

    By the way, I cover this in my own blog, mostly about local politics, some state, at http://www.rinoroundup.net

    • Promise Kept

      Whodat, I hear you and understand your convenient use of an acronym like RINO, because unfortunately it deserves to be applied to FAR too many of the GOP posers in office now, and wanting to be soon!

      My point was that terms like “Republican” and “conservative” have been so often given “self-appointed” definitions, that being called a RINO by others with the same beam in their eye, unfortunately, doesn’t carry the weight that it used to

  • Alaina

    I’m in agreement that the term ‘RINO’ gets thrown around a little too frequently, but shouldn’t we have some standards?

    I understand that few, if any, candidates in my lifetime will be 100% in line with all of my views. However, shouldn’t they be close? What’s generally acceptable? 80%? 90%?

    For me, I care about having money in my pocket, the ability to make decisions for myself and to be able to walk down the street without fear of being robbed or blown up. So that means I care about fiscal policy, limited government and homeland security. I expect candidates to be 100% in line with me (and the Conservative agenda) on those issues. As for the rest, I’m willing to give a little slack if they don’t agree.

    That said, I strongly believe that Romney is a RINO. I know people don’t want to hear this, but his record does not match his rhetoric. I’ll use healthcare as an example, just because that is the hot one right now, but it’s certainly not the only example. He signed virtually the same healthcare law that the Dems shoved down our throats last year. Obviously, that wasn’t a Republican position. So what does he say now? He won’t admit that his healthcare law was the wrong thing to do, but he’ll repeal ObamaCare within his first 90 days? His record just doesn’t match his rhetoric. Even during the 2008 campaign, I felt like he ask the American Conservative Union for a booklet of Conservative stances on issues and he memorized and repeated it. Hopefully the election of Obama has taught us to look beyond the rhetoric.

    As for Perry, even though I feel nothing but contempt for the man, I don’t know that I’d call him a RINO. I will however say that he is either an idiot or a crook. I’ll spare you all my rants since I believe I have gone through a handful of my issues with him in 8 out of the last 10 posts.

    From what I know about Pawlenty, I wouldn’t call him a RINO.

    As for Huntsman, I know a few highlights from his resume, but certainly not enough to provide any kind of educated opinion.

    • Brian H

      Good points

    • Promise Kept

      I tend to avoid the RINO title-tossing simply because Republican standards have been in a such a state of flux, that defining someone as such, “in name only”, can be true by past standards, while vague or even wrong by today’s.

      For example, Robert Taft was known as, “Mr. Republican” in his day, but the only candidate whose standards resemble his today, gets little to no respect as such, because the GOP holds to so few of Taft’s principles now.


  • Jacosta

    Whodat – let’s say you have a particular skill, talent, or vast amount of experience dealing with a government or particular area of the world that most others are not qualified for to handle. That this talent may lead to better understanding between two governments or cultures when it is vastly needed.

    Let’s say that whoever the current POTUS is, recognizes that and asks you to become an ambassador serving the United States to that nation; you’re not an ambassador of the President, you’re an “ambassador” of the U.S. and its people. You would say, “No, Mr. President! Since you are a Liberal and I am a Republican, I can not and will not serve!”?

    Whodat – this is NOT the President’s Country – it’s yours’ and mine. It’s our duty to serve if that service is beneficial to our Nation and our people.

    Jon Huntsman got that…and gladly accepted because he has a love for his Country regardless of his counterpoints and disagreements with the current POTUS. Country first – idealogical and party/political differences second!

    • Whodat

      As a matter of fact I would say,“No, Mr. President! Since you are a Liberal and I am a Republican (and not a worthless, duplicitous RINO with no moral convictions and no belief in anything except myself and my daddy who gives me money), I can not and will not serve!”?

      I would also say to the worst president in US history,”because you are a liberal piece of dog dirt, I would not want to be in the same phone book as you, much less associated with your bowing and suck-up, sell-out America foreign policy. I will spend my time and fortune, actually my daddy’s fortune since I am nothing but a worthless rich kid who is desperately looking for something to validate my existence on the planet, in defeating you and your apologist, socialist, worthless policies at every level.”

      Something like that is what Huntsman should have said. But, he didn’t because he saw more power in being ambassador to communist county #1 than in hanging around Utah where there ain’t much happening to rival that Pumpernichel Choir.

      I may be a bit understated, but I am close enough for Utah.

  • Jacosta

    Brian – I couldn’t agree more with your assessment! Take the scathing that Romney took these past few days from the MSM, Bachmann and Santorum for not signing the Susan B. Anthony (anti-abortion) Pledge! Now, guess what, Bachmann and Santorum have egg on their faces while it makes Romney shine even better!

    I’m anti-abortion and I wouldn’t sign that pledge either! But, guess what, Romney is a “RINO” for not doing so and thrown under the bus even though his rhetoric and record clearly show he is anti-abortion!

    This once again proves that Republicans are probably going to give Obama another 4 years of ruining our Country because we tear our best qualified candidates apart by claiming that they’re not “too” Republican/Conservative enough because of past views that they may have once held but have since converted, or ignoring overwhelming evidence that we do indeed have great candidates, but due to “personal” conflicts with a particular candidates “style” that they’re held as a RINO.

    There is too much evidence and knowledge to support the fact that men like Romney and Huntsman are indeed Republican and Conservative enough to carry the banner of the Right into the White House – but, there will be those who will ignore the evidence by labeling them and others as “RINO’s” and, again, either give a weaker Conservative the Oval Office or re-elect our current Liberal!

  • Jacosta

    Hind-sight is always 20/20, so I understand there are those who are on the outside viewing something in a totally different perspective. My perspective is different because I “know” Jon Huntsman! I have been with him, around him, I know his family, his parents. While there are just one or two political views that Ambassador Huntsman and I disagree on because I don’t feel that they are conservative enough for me – on the whole, he IS a Republican! He IS Conservative! He ran the State of Utah as a Republican…vastly conservatively. He IS a good man! And because I know him, I do take just a li’l offense at some of the “facade” attacks he is unjustly getting here.

    He was asked to serve our Country by a liberal president to become the Ambassador to China when we needed a man like Huntsman to do so…in Jon’s eyes, he just wanted to serve no matter the political views of the current person sitting in the Oval Office. He was not in a position to dictate, to make policy, to disagree with political views – he was asked to serve as an Ambassador. To this end, he did thank Obama and said that he was an admirable leader (for choosing across party lines in selecting a Republican) – that is why he made the statement. In all other areas, and this I do know from personal conversations – he absolutely disagrees with Obama in nearly every facet of how he (Obama) has led our Nation! He has stated many times privately, and now publicly, how much he believes that Obama is leading America on the wrong course! He has also stated very recently that Obama’s liberal-socialistic agenda is making us more like Europe and less of what the Founding Father’s wanted us or attended us to become!

    Before people start shooting arrows at someones back…they may want to fact-find, search, study, and become more educated. There is too much divisiveness in our conversation – and not enough of finding commonality.

    Whodat…it may have been his dad that created Huntsman Chemical, and made all the big bucks….but it was Jon Jr that – while his dad was being treated for cancer, and then built with his own money ($200 million) one of the largest cancer institutes in the world – managed the Corporation and made it more prosperous and saw it grow. It’s the son that led while father was trying to ease the pain of others around the world from a horrible disease. And, little do you know the amount of time and money that the Huntsman’s, including Jon, have donated in time, and millions of dollars, to those around the world while taking NO credit or seeking no publicity. So, I will gladly call this “little rich boy” friend because I have witnessed the Christ-like charity he has offered to those in need….something of fact that is totally opposite of ego-maniac.

    But, this is just my perspective ;-)

    • Whodat

      Who was it who wrote and spoke all that mushy-gushy you-know-what about the worst president in American history? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

      Either Huntsman is a duplicitous swine, or there are two Joh Huntsmans, or he is still working for Obomb in performing a disruption tactic within the Republican nomination process.

      That he worked for Obomb, that he gushed for Obomb makes him completely unacceptable. Ever.

    • Brian H

      That is great insight, much appreciated. It is funny how on one side of the mouth we say Jon “who?” and claim to nothing about the man, then, from the other side of mouth we attack him as being not conservative enough.

      I am tired of the fallacious “RINO” charge. It is illogical, narrow minded, and dumb. Just because someone does not hold every position for which I do does not their Rebluicanness.

      RINOS in this race,,,,,,,so we have been told.
      1. Romney
      2. Pawlenty
      3. Huntsman
      4. Perry

      Is it not not funny how the candidates who actually have a shot at becoming POTUS are the ones the activists claim to not be Republican enough?

      • Troy La Mana

        And all four of them wouldn’t get my vote.

        • Brian H

          “Wouldn’t” or “won’t”?

          The good news is I am sure Bob Barr will be available on someones ticket to cast thou vote.

          • Troy La Mana

            Bob Barr would be my very last choice.

  • Troy La Mana

    I think I heard something… nawwwwww.

  • Whodat

    Jason, since you are sitting in the Control Room at PD.com, would you pull together a few of those gushy-mushies he wrote and said about Obomb as he left the Obomb team? I think we all need to see those in print again so we can cut n’ paste, send n’ waste this little rich boy, ego-maniac. I can’t even call him a RINO because I think even RINOs believe in something besides themselves, but Huntsman’s boy is all about himself.

    Remember, it was the dad that made all the big bucks…

  • Brian H

    I tried to do some independent research on Huntsman, avoiding the rhetoric from the pundits and by going straight to the horses mouth. But when I went to his website, I discovered that Huntsman…….HAS NO WEBSITE!!!!

    I have a website for my middle school students and this guy is running for POTUS without one? Seriously?

  • Rusty Shackleford


    A true conservative to lead the Republicans to the promise land. Oh how I prayed this day would come. It’s all blue skies and sunshine from here.

    Come on everyone get on board!!!

    • Gary Russell

      Put down the crack pipe, Rusty.
      Put down the crack pipe.

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    Moving on….

  • Alaina

    Can’t even find a headline yet… It looks like the media cares about him as much as the rest of us do.

  • Alaina


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