Now he’s lost his finance team.

Pull the plug, Newt.

Pull the plug.


  • Troy La Mana

    This just frees him up for a new Fox gig until after the election and then a stint as Sec of State.

    • Gary Russell

      Newt as Sec/State…I like it.

      • Brian H

        I am not so sure. Not sure how reliable and disciplined he is. The POTUS would be doing nonstop damage control.

        • Gary Russell

          Good point, Brian.
          OK…how about jr assistant to the vice-Secretary of State?

  • Whodat


    • Whodat

      Evidently, I am among the few who would like to be free of this postulating philanderer forever. I am just Newted out and weary of his professorial poop.

  • Brian H

    Heyyyyyyyy. C’mon now.

    Newt is running a different kind of campaign. One that is solutions driven, that speaks directly to the American people.

    Who needs strategists, managers, organizers, and a finance team when you have “Solutions-Newt” running things?

    A serios note about Newt….

    Newt is a GREAT historian who is amazing at pondering and analyzing the events of history. But, Newt is not a maker of history. Newt’s strength is in examining the past, not in shaping the future. It does not make him a bad man, his skill set is extremely valuable, just not conducive to being a good candidate.

    On another note. Palin has prided herself as being a different kinda politician. I can only imagine her possible “Going Rogue” campaign style would not look much different than what we are seeing from Newton.

  • Steve Feinstein

    “Win” in 2012, not “with” in 2012, obviously. Where’s that grammar check?

  • Steve Feinstein

    Although no Republican ever doubted his intelligence or creativity at problem-solving, his presence in the campaign was going to be a liberal MSM magnet for hyperbole and unfair criticism.

    He had no chance at the nomination anyway, and now his very early exit denies the MSM of their opportunity to degrade the Republican ‘brand’ with constant criticism of Newt.

    The Republican field is better off without Newt attracting the negative comments that would have come his way, rapid-fire, constantly.

    The best revenge would be for a Republican to with in 2012, and then appoint Newt to some high-level position.

  • JOE W

    Yup thought he might be in the thick of it @ the end. See ya Newton.

  • Alaina

    I’m absolutely shocked that he has imploded like this…