Must see Weiner TV


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His greatest hits.


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    • Promise Kept

      Jason, this is from a drone site!

  • Whodat

    That lamp on your table. Unplug it so it has NO POWER. It can sit there for a long time, but without power, it will serve no need, shed no light, do nothing but take up space. Weiner unplugged himself from having any power (influence, ability to do or change anything). His constiuents, his party and the congress had every right to tell him to go. In the strict legal sense, he had yet not come to legal expulsion (your “have to resign”), but in the political sense, without any power, both lamps and weirdos have to get out of the way.

  • German Observer

    Question to all:

    Did Weiner have to resign? If yes, why?

    • Promise Kept

      His strident, repugnant style was only tolerable to his party as long as he was effective for their purposes.

      Once he betrayed their trust, by going from claiming an alleged hack attack to an admission of guilt, but denial of resignation, Weiner more than forced the Dem’s to distance themselves, or risk even more of their own scandals to be compared with his.

  • Troy La Mana

    Any chance that this will result in a Republican pick up?

    • Whodat

      Forgetaboutit!! New Yorkers elect only those who reflect their values – exactly.

      I have always been amazed that Jews in New York always line up to vote Democrat even when Democrats hang with the likes of Farakhan and Rev Wright and Jesse Jackson (who once called New York some ethnic Jewish slur). They continue to support Obomb even though he treats Israel and its leaders like garbage.

      New York is a place with its hand out for everything, and fully thinks it deserves everything. Perfect place for Democrats.

      • Troy La Mana


        • Whodat

          Thanks, pardner.
          Great memory. Repugnant word –
          and I’m a Methodist.

  • Whodat

    Great stuff! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!