Weinergate exposed


Filed Under Scandals on Jun 6 

Where is the outrage? If the tearfest today had featured a GOP member of Congress, all you-know-what would have hit the fan.

He says he won’t resign, but isn’t this just the tip of the iceberg? Will he survive Weinergate?


  • Rochelle

    oh, this whole thread taken a culinary wrong turn, and some other turns as well.’

    • Gary Russell


  • Gary Russell

    Let’s be frank. This weiner is a dog who deserves to be braut to shame.

    • David Kaiser, Editor

      Gary, that’s the wurst joke ever.

    • Whodat

      Great stuff. I can get down there. Let me play…

      I love a Weiner-Roast!!!

      This Weiner might be Kosher, but he does not answer to a higher authority.

      and finally, (music please)

      Oh, I wish I was an Anthony Weiner
      That is what I’d really like to be,
      I’d send pictures to girls all around the country
      And hope they all would take a bite of me…


      • David Kaiser, Editor

        That made me laugh my buns off…

  • Troy La Mana

    He’s a Democrat so he gets a slap on the wiener and continue on just like Rangle.

  • Brian H

    The “Media-Matters”….not.

    By the way……

    How did the nerd from “Grease” become a “member” of congress?



    • Brian H

      He will be gone soon. Little doubt that he did participate in some of these actions from his congressional office.

  • Rochelle

    Throw him out! It is time for those who wish define themselves as leaders and policy makers to be known as rule followers! Making a mistake is one thing- trying to lie and cover it up- inexcusable!