For all those rabid Gov. Chris Christie for president conservatives still holding out hope that their man will change his mind and get in the race, there are some very important facts regarding the honorable governor Christie that their presidential political crush may have caused them to overlook. (Listen up Ann Coulter)

Back in January of this year, Gov. Christie appointed attorney Sohail Mohammed to a state Superior Court judgeship.

On the surface, this judicial appointment by Gov. Christie doesn’t seem like much of a story, except for the fact that Sohail Mohammed just happens to be an attorney who defended several Muslims shortly after 9/11 who had ties to terror organizations.

And it’s also the same Sohail Mohammed whose most high-profile case was trying to keep the government from deporting Mohammed Qatanani, the Palestinian imam of the Islamic Center in Passaic County, NJ, who also happens to be a documented member of the radical American Muslim Union, a staunch supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and an admitted member of Hamas.

After 9/11, government authorities uncovered Mohammed Qatanani’s ties to radical Islamic groups and began official proceedings to have him deported. Fortunately for Qatanani, a board member of the American Muslim Union happened to be attorney Sohail Mohammed, who agreed to represent the imam in the government’s deportation case.

Interestingly, the American Muslim Union had enough influence to somehow persuade then U.S. attorney Chris Christie, to intervene on behalf of imam Qatanani during his deportation trial.

Now aside from the fact that Gov. Christie appointed a radical Islamist sympathizer as a state Superior Court Judge, what U. S. attorney Chris Christie actually did to help imam Qatanani during his deportation trial should be cause enough to raise the eyebrows of any conservative trying to encourage the governor to run for president.

The day before the Immigration Court was to make a decision in Qatanani’s deportation case, U. S. attorney Chris Christie accepted an invitation to speak at a Ramadan breakfast dinner at Qatanani’s mosque, where he embraced the radical imam and praised him as “a man of great good will.”

Could it be possible that Gov. Christie truly believes this admitted radical Islamist imam is a man of great good will?

Could it also be possible that a savvy U. S. attorney like Chris Christie had no knowledge of Mohammed Qatanani’s ties to radical Islam, especially since Qatanani was the imam of the largest mosque in New Jersey, and obviously held great influence in the Muslim community?

It’s very hard to believe, and also very disconcerting, that a former U. S. attorney of Chris Christie’s stature, either couldn’t connect the dots between Sohail Mohammed, Mohammed Qatanani, and radical Islam, or simply chose political expedience over the facts, pandering to New Jersey’s Muslim community for the sake of his own political ambitions.

In any case, conservatives shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Gov. Christie to declare a run for president. Because as a former U. S. attorney, Gov. Christie is smart enough to know that the facts will eventually expose the truth. And the fact is; Gov. Chris Christie knows that if he ever does decide to throw his hat in the presidential ring, he’d never make it through the Republican Primaries once his opponents expose the explosive facts of this political bombshell.

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