Texas governor Rick Perry, who has denied his interest to enter the 2012 Presidential race more often than Ralph Nader has actually run for President, is quietly having his people sniff around the possibility of running in an increasingly weak field.

A Texas pol who is close to Perry has been telling a few key strategists that the nation’s longest-serving governor sees a vacuum and is waiting to be summoned into the race. This source believes that could happen by late summer. Without fellow Southerners Haley Barbour or Mike Huckabee in the race — and with Newt Gingrich’s early troubles raising further doubts about the current lineup — there could be a glaring niche for Perry to fill.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what your opinion of Rick Perry is, he would be a formidable candidate in the GOP primary battle.

So who exactly would be the person to “summon” Rick Perry to the race?