And for me, it’s the same reason Obama won in 2008.


Lots and lots of money.

A call-a-thon landed the not-yet-announced Mitt Romney campaign over $10 million dollars yesterday.

Romney’s reaction?

“That’s a terrific start,” Romney began, in typical expectation-setting mode, before catching himself: “Actually it’s more than just a start — it really gives us the boost that we need at this early stage in my effort.”

He could raise $40 million for the quarter, which would give him a huge advantage over his rivals.

I know, I know. RomneyCare will kill him. Yes, yes, I realize many don’t believe he’s conservative enough.

But John McCain was dead in 2008 due to amnesty. And John McCain was dead in 2008 because he wasn’t conservative enough.

Who was the nominee in 2008?