Morning reading….for tin foil hatters.

Merely a week after President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, there is literally a deluge of evidence that clearly indicates the whole episode has been manufactured for political gain and to return Americans to a state of post-9/11 intellectual castration so that they can be easily manipulated in the run up to the 2012 election. Here are ten facts that prove the Bin Laden fable is a contrived hoax….

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  • Brian H

    Alex has his small but committed fringe listeners who buy into his absurd conspiracy crap. Alex is smart enough to know his listeners are unsophisticated goofs who are easily manipulated by the New World Order Illuminati.

    These people are the worse of the worse of complete ignorance. At least most people who are unhinged are so in silence. These tin-foils proudly broadcast their lunacy on the world wide web.

  • Joe W

    I’m not a big Alex Jones fan. He seem like a shock jock to me.

  • Brian H

    Alex Jones makes a living off of wing-nuts who believe anything.

    I wonder who these people will be voting for……hmmm.

    • Troy La Mana


      • Brian H

        Perhaps…….the ones who actually are registered to vote and can lay off the bong for a few.

  • Edgar

    I like how conspiracy theorists can look at a mountain of evidence and still talk their way around it. It would be a lot funnier if there weren’t so many people that bought into this sort of intellectual garbage.