FoxNews: Bin Laden Killing: How the White House, Pentagon and CIA Botched the Storyline

Long, but absolutely worth your time.


  • Brian H

    Defeat from the jaws of victory. A moment of competence followed by another glaring example of incompetence. And, now, as time and reflection continue, the fact that Obama’s success was facilitated by policies he detested is not very helpful to him politically, and is becoming a stronger part of the UBL death narrative.

    The concern for Obama, politically, is where does he do from here. He has just played his greatest trump card in killing UBL. This is as good as it gets for team Obama. If he can’t politically capitalize significantly from the events over the last week, and, in fact, may be harming himself with the narrative, is bad bad news for his reelection.

    It is also time for this President to get back to work. Obama has spent the last week since UBL’s demise publicly patting himself on the back for actually demonstrating competence. It is time for the pep rallies and “spiking the ball” to stop.

  • Whodat

    We have a saying here about liars, “That guy would rather climb a tree and tell a lie than to stand on the ground and tell the truth.”

    We also have another saying, “The first liar don’t stand a chance!”

    Both apply in spades!

    Of course, the White House and the whole lot of em go tangled up trying to shape and shine and spin the tale to suit the spinner just right.

    Even in a moment of strength, our leadership manages to look weak. What a sorry lot et al!!!!!!!!!!