Why now, not before?


Filed Under Races 2012 on Apr 27 

Here is a good, plausible answer to the “Why only now and not before” birth certificate question.

The birth certificate shows in print his Muslim-sounding middle name of Hussein.

Remember this election truism: 40% will always vote Democratic, 40% will always vote Republican.

It’s that “mushy-middle” 20% that decides elections, and that group is not particularly attentive.

Before the ’08 election, many–if not most–of the casually-attentive mushy-middle 20% had little awareness of his middle name. The Far Right knew it, and jumped on it. The Far Left knew it and defended it, even bragged about it as a badge of Liberal Tolerance and Diversity.

But the mushy middle 20% wasn’t really cognizant of it one way or the other in ’08. Not really. Obama’s handlers must have no doubt felt that wider knowledge of the name “Hussein” could only have cost him a few votes, not gained him a few votes, so they withheld the actual printed doc from publication. Now with Trump portrayed as a caricature by the MSM, releasing it is no doubt felt by Obama’s camp as being a rebuke to Trump’s unseriousness, whereas releasing it due to, say, Romney’s or Pawlenty’s pressure would be seen by the public as a ‘cave in,’ a ‘loss.’ But the other Republicans were only too happy to let Trump take the lead on this one.

This action gets the birth certificate out, and gives Obama’s MSM allies the opportunity to discredit Trump, which is a win-win, all the more so since Trump is seen by some as the Republicans’ current leading voice. This is undoubtedly Obama’s thinking.