I would like to think that my Sitemeter rated sixteen readers have had the question of “Whiter Cordeiro?” in the back of their minds over the past few weeks. Actually I’m not quite that naïve. Lately I’ve been suffering from an acute attack of business related travel and grad school assignments that have kept me off the grid. I have crossed this great nation a few times – to the sun swept beaches of San Diego to the heart of Texas in Houston and most recently to the green hills of Louisville, Kentucky.

In these travels I have done my level best to violate every single premise of the Obama Doctrine. I have eaten as much as I wanted. I have driven my SUV (rented and company owned) as much as I wanted. Whether in California, Texas, or Kentucky, I have kept my hotel room at a balmy 68 degrees and frankly I didn’t much care what people in “other countries” had to say about my actions.

Needless to say, I’ve been patronizing quite a few filling stations across the country. I can tell you that the price of gas isn’t going down anytime soon. One station I used boasted of a four cent discount for cash. As the meter rolled past the $70 mark, I wondered who walks around with a C note for a fill up. I haven’t been to New Jersey lately, but I understand there are loan sharks camping out at fillings stations throughout the Toll Booth State.

In the face of rising fuel costs, the President of the United States decided to take bold action to protect the American people from the ill effects of high prices. What was this bold action you ask? I’m shocked you didn’t notice. He gave a speech. Specifically, he focused his weekly Saturday address specifically on the issue of high oil prices.

You can read the address, or subject yourself to the video thereof. Either way, you’ll learn (if you weren’t aware already) that The One has little to no understanding of the basic economic concepts known as the Laws of Supply and Demand. These laws are drilled into any student who has ever been forced to sit though some iteration of Economics 101. The One spent his eight paragraphs decrying market manipulation by evil “speculators”, announcing a Department of Justice task force to investigate price gouging, and promising investment in future clean energy sources like unicorn dung and rainbow sparkles.

If I exaggerate it is only slightly.

The fact of the matter is, Dear Reader, the economy of this great nation runs on Bubblin’ Crude, Black Gold, Texas Tea, or whatever nickname you want to give to oil. While I’m all in favor of developing alternative energy sources, there has yet to be an engine of industry or automobile that can run on unicorn dung or rainbow glitter. This President seems to believe he can repeal the Laws of Supply and Demand by mandating fuel economy standards and encouraging Americans to turn in their gas guzzling SUVs for tin cans like the Chevy Volt. I’ll buy the beverage of choice to anyone who can tell me how fuel economy standards or electric cars add one single barrel of additional oil production to the world market.

Here’s the short economic lesson that The One has yet to learn. High demand and low supply (for whatever reason) leads to high prices. The only answer to that equation is to increase supply thereby lowering the price. It works every time its tried whether you’re talking about widgets or barrels of oil. We’re willing to subsidize Brazil’s domestic oil production and promising to “be their best customer.”

Evidently, the American oil just isn’t good enough for The One and his ilk. Remember that the next time you fill up. More importantly, remember that the next time you vote.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go burn some jet fuel on a slingshot trip to the Wasatch Front. Happy Trails!