Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick  is one of two choices remaining as a possibility to grace the cover of Madden 2012, based on fan voting. I cannot think of someone more deserving, as Vick is a person who has more than paid his debt to society and has had a fantastic year on the football field. Furthermore, EA Sports clearly no longer sees him as a marketing liability, or they certainly would have never put him on the short list as it is.

Of course, according to PETA, there is no redemption, as they believed Vick should have been removed from consideration. Fortunately, EA was principled enough (be it by the potential revenue or believing in personal redemption, though  as a for-profit company, I would give more weight to the former) to leave the Eagles’ quarterback in the running.

Vick, upon hearing of this, was his now-humble self, telling the Philadephia Inquirer: “I appreciate EA sports standing tall and sticking up for me. I will continue to be positive. Let other people be negative. That’s their view. They’re entitled to their opinion. I won’t try to change it.”

Michael Vick is an amazing example of what someone can do when they decide to make a change to their life and he deserves all good things that come to him. I am one person hoping the big endorsement deals come back to the distinguished Mr. Vick.