Sigh. I’m uninspired. The field of Presidential candidates excites me to the point where I might stifle a yawn. Let’s face it, so far the candidates are a snore. Its not that I couldn’t get behind any of the potentials at this point.

In fact there are one or two that I really hope run. There are at least three that I really hope don’t run. But so far, no one has, as we say in the west, popped my trigger. Now I am sure that once the field narrows, I will find a candidate that elicits deep political passion. I will strongly declare that person as the next best hope for our country. I will tirelessly campaign. But right now, I’m bored.

To be fair, the Democratic party has had their man for a while now, and the element of surprise is gone. No excitement there. And the Republicans are not known for “Rock Star” candidates. Republicans tend to choose age and wisdom over style and passion. So it is generally hard to get worked up over the Republican field in any election year.

However, in a year when so much has gone wrong both domestically and globally, I really was hoping for a statesman who could rally the troupes.

Perhaps this is the reason for polls indicating that Obama would win an election against any Republican candidate. The Country is weary of politicians, and bored with the current field. Does that mean I think there is room for a last minute spoiler? Probably not. What it means, is that the current favorites better learn to instill passion in the electorate rather than assuming that voters hate Obama so much that anyone can beat him.

In this political climate, Clark Kent will not impress Lois Lane, but Superman should be careful that he doesn’t give the other side any Kryptonite.