Trump-ing Obama


Filed Under Races 2012 on Apr 15 

If the Republicans are considering running another politician against President Obama, they can expect the same results as 2008 – defeat.

With a possible war chest of a billion dollars, a completely sold out media and the historic chance of the first ever black president being re-elected to a second term, there’s probably not a Republican politician in America who can beat Obama in 2012.

On the other hand, if the Republicans are serious about winning back the White House in 2012, choosing an experienced, fully tested and highly successful CEO, who has never run for public office before, may be their best chance to nullify Obama’s billion dollar war chest, a sold-out media and any excitement about another historic presidential election.

There are a couple of good reasons why this strategy should be successful against Obama.

For starters, Obama has never been anything but a politician. And when you get down to brass tacs, team Obama’s experience is narrowly limited to the political arena. Their strategy and tactics are specifically designed to do battle against another politician on a political playing field. So take Obama out of the familiar confines of a political arena, and the Republican chances in 2012 should increase significantly.

Take for example how Donald Trump has neutralized both the media and Democrats in his questioning of Obama’s birth certificate. As a highly successful and very well known business man, who has openly declared he would like to be president, Trump is demanding an answer to the mystery of Obama’s birth. In doing so, he is going where no politician would dare to go in the early stages of presidential run. Why? Because Trump is different – he’s a shrewd business man who refuses to play on their field and by their rules.

Rush Limbaugh said Trump is gaining support with the public because he is hitting Obama “head on,” but that’s actually only a small part of the reason. The main reason Trump is quickly gaining public support is specifically because he’s not a politician, and ultimately, because a financially traumatized America has had about enough of politicians who have proven they can’t run anything without running it into the ground.

So no matter how you cut it, Trump’s biggest asset against Obama is that he will never be seen by the public as anything except a highly successful and flamboyant business man. In short, he’s not a politician. And that’s exactly why he’s the Republican’s best chance to beat Obama in 2012.

Another reason Trump will have great success is that Obama will be forced to play by Trump’s rules – on Trump’s field. A playing field that Trump, and the majority of rational Americans like to call, “reality.” A playing field that will give Donald Trump a huge home field advantage; where budget shortfalls are called losses, not delivering on your political promises are called failures, and the score board reflects your performance on the field, not a speech you gave in the locker room.

And Trumps playing field is not a very forgiving venue, especially for politicians who deal mostly in pious platitudes, promises and excuses. On Trump’s playing field, the stark realities of the real world run over political rhetoric and score almost every time. On trump’s field, it’s full-contact negotiating with no time-outs or excuses; where numbers get crunched, profits and losses are the bottom line, and heads roll on a daily basis. On Trump’s field, Obama will be reduced to no more than another George Plimpton. The professional sports wannabe who actually got several chances to play against the big boys and found out he didn’t have what it took, usually ending up getting knocked on his rear as a result.

Team Obama knows their best chance to win in 2012 is if they play against a purely political opponent on a political playing field. In that scenario, they know they can still manage to eek out a win, even with a hurt quarterback and using the same old playbook. But if they are forced to play on reality field, against a non-conventional opponent like Donald Trump, they may just get their clocks cleaned, and it could be before halftime.

So will America reject Donald Trump’s garish attitude and over-the-top flamboyant confidence and once again elect Barack Obama president, or will President Obama find himself in a dimly lit board room in November 2012 sitting across from the Donald getting his job performance evaluation and waiting for those inevitable words – you’re fired!