Here’s a truism about foreign policy:

Most of the time, it’s regarded by the general electorate as a “luxury” topic, something they care about and pay attention to only if everything else in their life is going along reasonably well.


If your job is secure (assuming you’re even employed!), you make decent money, you can pay your family’s expenses, your kids/parents/family are pretty healthy, the car is running reasonably well, your toilet isn’t leaking, hamburger isn’t $2.62/lb, gas isn’t $4.12/gal, your kid’s elementary school isn’t having an “alternative lifestyle” field trip, and the Red Sox aren’t in last place, then–and only then–do most people pay any real attention to “foreign affairs.”

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The evil Republicans who care about supposed fiscal responsibility are at it again.

House lawmakers voted overwhelmingly last night to strip police officers, teachers, and other municipal employees of most of their rights to bargain over health care, saying the change would save millions of dollars for financially strapped cities and towns.

The 111-to-42 vote followed tougher measures to broadly eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees in Ohio, Wisconsin, and other states.

I am waiting for the same protesting we saw in Wisconsin, especially since this goes further. Governor Walker’s bill exempted police officers and fire fighters.

Except that isn’t going to happen.

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We need more of this and less of this. Keep it up, Rand, and you might actually have the chance your dad never has and never will.

It seems rather apropos that the day after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told us that the FED’s stimulus policy would remain in place and inflation would increase 33% more than originally projected that John Papola and Russ Roberts‘ second rap video has been released.

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I would like to think that my Sitemeter rated sixteen readers have had the question of “Whiter Cordeiro?” in the back of their minds over the past few weeks. Actually I’m not quite that naïve. Lately I’ve been suffering from an acute attack of business related travel and grad school assignments that have kept me off the grid. I have crossed this great nation a few times – to the sun swept beaches of San Diego to the heart of Texas in Houston and most recently to the green hills of Louisville, Kentucky.

In these travels I have done my level best to violate every single premise of the Obama Doctrine. I have eaten as much as I wanted. I have driven my SUV (rented and company owned) as much as I wanted. Whether in California, Texas, or Kentucky, I have kept my hotel room at a balmy 68 degrees and frankly I didn’t much care what people in “other countries” had to say about my actions.
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Why now, not before?


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Here is a good, plausible answer to the “Why only now and not before” birth certificate question.

The birth certificate shows in print his Muslim-sounding middle name of Hussein.

Remember this election truism: 40% will always vote Democratic, 40% will always vote Republican.

It’s that “mushy-middle” 20% that decides elections, and that group is not particularly attentive.

Before the ’08 election, many–if not most–of the casually-attentive mushy-middle 20% had little awareness of his middle name. The Far Right knew it, and jumped on it. The Far Left knew it and defended it, even bragged about it as a badge of Liberal Tolerance and Diversity.

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Update: The birth certificate the media won’t show you!

Today President Obama released his much unanticipated long-form birth certificate which leads to several important questions.

What will World Net Daily do? Will it have any content left to justify its existence?

Will Donald Trump have anything serious to talk about in his supposed run for the Presidency?

Will the media continue to give the populist Trump his bully pulpit now that his primary issue has been wholly diffused?

What led the Obama administration to release the document at this point? Was it actually so concerned with Trump’s viability?

Unfortunately, the birthers will still be out there, as there is certain to be a faction who will consider President Obama’s birth certificate to be a fake.

Will this finally put an end to the silly “Birther” movement? Has Trump’s single-issue candidacy gone up in smoke?

States compete for jobs and wealth creators. When New York State went after those making over $250,000 per year, falsely calling it a millionaires tax, several high profile businessmen, such as Rush Limbaugh changed their residence to Florida, a state with no income tax. Further, the last few censuses have show a general trend for people to leave the northeast and west coast, moving toward the center and south of the country. This isn’t a coincidence.

If your  job allows you the the choice of where to live and family was not a deciding factor, where would you live?

state income tax map

Note: Click to enlarge.

Map created by The Tax Foundation.

I know, you’re shocked. However, you can add me for the first time to the 15%, or so, of Americans that will more or less support him until he doesn’t get the votes in the early moderate state primaries.

Per the National Journal:

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, whose outspoken libertarian views and folksy style made him a cult hero during two previous presidential campaigns, will announce on Tuesday that he’s going to try a third time. . . .

This would seem to be an ideal year for Paul: Since the last election, the Republican Party has moved much closer to his view on deficit reduction, which made him an early tea party favorite. All of the party’s top-tier presidential hopefuls are focusing on lowering debt, government spending, and tax rates, issues Paul has long advocated.

Mississippi Gov Haley Barbour, long considered a fairly strong contender in 2012, has scratched himself from the race today.

Barbour says it was a difficult, personal decision. But he said that it would have been an all-consuming effort to the exclusion of all else. He says he cannot offer “absolute fire in the belly” and “total certainty” that a presidential candidate should have.

Barbour, like virtually the rest of the field, has his flaws, the biggest of which are his ties the much maligned lobbyist industry. He also had a southern drawl and gained gobs of national attention during the recovery from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In any event, you can take Barbour off of your handicap sheet.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick  is one of two choices remaining as a possibility to grace the cover of Madden 2012, based on fan voting. I cannot think of someone more deserving, as Vick is a person who has more than paid his debt to society and has had a fantastic year on the football field. Furthermore, EA Sports clearly no longer sees him as a marketing liability, or they certainly would have never put him on the short list as it is.

Of course, according to PETA, there is no redemption, as they believed Vick should have been removed from consideration. Fortunately, EA was principled enough (be it by the potential revenue or believing in personal redemption, though  as a for-profit company, I would give more weight to the former) to leave the Eagles’ quarterback in the running.

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Has the United States of America become nothing but a banana republic? Washington’s Blog asserts as much:

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Sigh. I’m uninspired. The field of Presidential candidates excites me to the point where I might stifle a yawn. Let’s face it, so far the candidates are a snore. Its not that I couldn’t get behind any of the potentials at this point.

In fact there are one or two that I really hope run. There are at least three that I really hope don’t run. But so far, no one has, as we say in the west, popped my trigger. Now I am sure that once the field narrows, I will find a candidate that elicits deep political passion. I will strongly declare that person as the next best hope for our country. I will tirelessly campaign. But right now, I’m bored.
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we-are-all-socialists-nowIn 2009 Newsweek ran a cover with the headline “We are all Socialists Now”. At the time, tax year 2008 data was out that showed 49% of Americans paid no federal taxes. 2009 tax data was similar in that 47% of Americans paid no federal taxes. Most of these that do not pay taxes receive government payouts, or “transfers”, as economists call it.

In reality, this is the redistribution of wealth, or Socialism.

Now we learn that in 2010 the government paid out more in handouts than it took in tax revenue.
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Flawed field


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Is there a chance that President Obama doesn’t win re-election in 2012?

Not much. His victory is virtually certain.

In sports, this is called “winning ugly.” That’s when a team plays poorly, makes mistakes, fails to capitalize on opportunities, but commits just one less error than the other side, so they squeak to victory by the narrowest of margins, in the most unsatisfying manner. But they win nonetheless.

The conditions that normally decide Presidential elections are stacked against Obama:

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Two interesting reads:

The first from George’s Bottom Line, a transcript with an interview with Donald Trump.

The second this release from Club for Growth.

Club for Growth: Trump called for massive tax hikes; is a self-described “liberal” on health care

Washington, DC – The Club for Growth assailed potential presidential candidate Donald Trump today as a tax-hiking liberal whose open flirtation with single-payer health care and warm embrace of protectionism disqualifies him from consideration by conservatives.

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Batman, for one, can afford a new car to combat high gas prices, unlike the the person President Obama told to buy a new car to fix his financial woes. Because if you’re struggling financially, buying another car will always help. Such logic only makes sense in the world of the President whose budget spends three dollars for every two dollars it takes in.


HT: Political Calculations

At least the bad guys will have a chance now which is more “fair” to them.

Trump-ing Obama


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If the Republicans are considering running another politician against President Obama, they can expect the same results as 2008 – defeat.

With a possible war chest of a billion dollars, a completely sold out media and the historic chance of the first ever black president being re-elected to a second term, there’s probably not a Republican politician in America who can beat Obama in 2012.
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