For the guy that ran on the evils of the war in Iraq and closing Gitmo, he does not seem to shy away from war. Afghanistan continues on as if we are at war with Eastasia and now we’re firing missiles into Libya. How long did it take to move from “enforcing a no fly zone” to firing missiles at a “compound [that] was targeted because it contains capabilities to exercise command and control over Libyan forces”? Yet U.S. Vice Adm. Bill Gortney says, “we are not going after Gadhafi”. Though if he “happens” to be killed, I doubt you will hear complaints.

Apparently we are only going after his compound, and we are not actually engaging in acts of war. We are also fighting the “real” war in Afghanistan, though it never ends, and closing Gitmo. When does this all blow up in our faces? How many wars are we going to enter? What if there is another uprising that becomes violent? Where does it end?

Edit: Jake Tapper is asking the relevant questions a not receiving an official response from the White House

ABC News also asked the official three questions about the nature of this military engagement for which we had yet to hear answers:

1) Why Attack Libya But Not Other Places Where the Government Is Attacking Its Population — Such as Bahrain?

2) Why Not Seek Congressional Authorization Before Beginning This War?

3) What Does the Endgame Look Like — Can Gadhafi Stay In Power?