This nation has become great because it was a nation founded on laws, not on men, a nation where all were considered equal. However, in today’s society we seem to think “all [people] are equal, but some [people] are more equal than others“.

Today in our country only 53% percent of all workers pay 100% of the federal income tax bill. Therefore 47% of workers pay no taxes. Additionally 40% of workers actually receive additional funds when filing their taxes redistributed from the group that pays all the taxes. I’ll even point you to that evil conservative news source NPR for this data (though it is widely available).

Further, in research released yesterday, “government social benefits . . . were equal to 35% of all private and public wages and salaries in the 12 months ended January, up from 10% in 1960 and 21% in 2000.”

Meanwhile, the government is working diligently to implement its takeover of an additional approximate 15% of the economy through the healthcare law. Yet, over 1,000 waivers to the law have been granted and now the entire state of Maine has been exempted for the time being.

When you also consider that the United States Department of Justice, whose role is to defend the laws of this land, is only selectively defending laws its leaders and likely the White House (for personal or political reasons, we do not know) agree with, as in the case of the Defense of Marriage Act*, you have to wonder, what is next.

We are creating a great block of voters, who will soon be the majority of voters, who pay no taxes. At the same time, our federal government grants broad exemptions to laws or chooses not to defend the law altogether.

As the federal government has never shown any signs of actual restraint, where does it all end?

*It is my view that marriage should be defined by the states, not the federal government. It is not a federal constitutional issue. Don’t get sidetracked on the nature of the law, the point is the DOJ not defending an existing law, which is their responsibility.


  • UGGS

    These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing

  • JE

    Want to really complicate your math, Scott? Ask yourself how many of that 54% paying taxes are drawing that income from the government. In other words, they are giving a small portion of money back that the government gave them after taking it from someone else. So, actually, the majority of americans are already on the receiving end of the redistribution. Wrap your brain around that and then you realize how close we are to finding out where it ends.
    The problem is how to fix it…and i fear you cannot fix something that the elected officials do not believe is a problem or at least not enough of a problem to risk their re-election on.

    • Scott A. Robinson

      I do try to keep it simple so people don’t get lost in the details. However, are you talking about the nation’s second largest “employer” (the post office being first) with 2 million federal employees whose total compensation in 2011 is estimated to be $244 billion, or about $122,000 annually per employee?

      These employees only make up about 1.3 percent of the total US workforce (154.9 million). Assuming 100% of them voted and voted for the parties of big government, they would only comprise 2% of the total electorate. However, the more realistic assumption is that about half will vote, adding 1%.

      Even still, this brings us to 48% who are incentivized to support bigger and bigger government.

      However, in 2007, 49% of Americans paid no federal income taxes, as opposed to our most recent 47% rate. So you can see where this can easily go.

      Any way you slice it, your point is correct.

  • Brian H

    “We are creating a great block of voters, who will soon be the majority of voters, who pay no taxes.”

    That is such a profound yet under appreciated point, Scott.

    How exactly do we break the cycle of government redistribution when the soon to be majority of American voters are the beneficiaries of the redistribution?

    • Scott A. Robinson

      I’ll give you one more. Previous “revolutions” have been violent. But what if the oligarchy is “democratically elected” by an electorate who has essentially been bought off?

      This may be where it ends.

    • The Gallant Gallstone

      I’ll tell you how you don’t do it… don’t try to sell the working people on “austerity” and “shared obligations” while you’re out giving corporations billion dollar bail-outs while occupying two nations (one of them under fraudulent pretenses).

      You wanna enact some sort of libertarian paradise of bootstraps and “rugged individualism;” you have to start at the top. Collect all of your TARP money and get out of Iraq, then we can talk about cutting Pell Grants.

      • Brian H

        Iraq war debate?

        The deficit for the month of February was higher than the entire deficit in 2007. If the entire military budget was removed it still would leave us at over $1 Billion in deficit spending this year alone.

        • Brian H

          Sorry…correction. $1 Trillion deficit this year alone.