Has Governor Scott Walker handed the Democratic party a gift that will keep on giving? Rick Ungar of Forbes thinks so. While Unger makes the argument that this debacle may send the “the union rank and file into the arms of the Democratic Party” I would argue that union rank and file never left the democratic party. In any case, I have wondered if perhaps this is the issue that will unite and strengthen the democratic party, leading them to another presidential victory in 2012. Based on the polls, it just may be the case.

If Walker loses his fight, he will have reminded the unions of the importance of fighting back against their enemies, reminding them of how life was for their fore-bearers who fought to establish the modern union movement. This will ignite the passion for battle while reminding those union folks who have been voting republican of the importance of sticking with the party that sticks with them.

The Wisconsin governor’s desire to be at the forefront of his perceived GOP revolution may not only have doomed the anti-union effort, but it may forever label him as the man who gave the democrats the gift that keeps on giving – the return of the union rank and file into the arms of the Democratic Party.