sir robin

Some of the finer points of political theater defy even the most creative fictionalists. Those of you anxiously engaged in important things like working for a living may have been missed the unfolding drama between the newly elected governor of Wisconsin and the public sector union thugs. The argument is an old one – the union thugs want to continue to be able to demand more money/benefits for less work and the governor is standing against them for the simple reason that the state has no more money to give them.

I don’t use the term “union thug” lightly. In a past life I was forced to join a union in order to make a living. This union took a sizeable chunk of cash from each of my paychecks in order to represent me. What they actually did was take my money and funnel it to the Democrat party despite my objections. If you are a member of a union, you are subsidizing Team Obama and his “Organizing for America” minions – whether you want to or not.

But I digress.

In November 2010 there were elections all across the nation including Wisconsin. This once deeply blue state fired long time Senator Russ Feingold and installed the fiscally conservative governor Scott Walker. Walker ran on the plan he is now attempting to implement. The election results were tallied, and elections have consequences. To paraphrase an Obama-ism, “Walker won”.

Walkers plan – you can look up the details yourself – strikes fear into the hearts of public sector union thugs because it strips from them the ability to include pension and benefit details in their “collective bargaining” agreements. Most private sector employees have seen their pension and health care benefits erode over the past few years. For some reason the public sector union thugs believe themselves to be above such things.

When it came time to debate Walker’s plan on the floor of the Wisconsin Senate, the brave democrat state senators were nowhere to be found – thus depriving the Senate of the necessary number to form a quorum. These brave state senators finally turned up – across the state line in Illinois, bravely hiding out at a Best Western resort.

In other words, to paraphrase Monty Python’s theme song for the Brave Sir Robin, “when fiscal reality reared its ugly head, Wisconsin Dems bravely turned their tails and fled!”

So tell me, dear reader, how is it that these Wisconsin state senators can claim they are “standing with the people of Wisconsin” while they hide out at a Best Western in Illinois?

Here’s another question: Union thug teachers have been calling in sick en masse for the past week or so. Some have even been picking up fake doctor’s notes from anyone standing near the state capitol wearing a white lab coat. I think it’s time to take these teachers at their word about their health problems. Evidently there is a massive public health crisis afflicting the Wisconsin public school system. Somebody should call the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and quarantine these teachers before they can spread their highly communicative disease to anyone else.