All but ten of the States in the Union are in debt.

Idahoans have recently received the news that the projected deficit of $35 million will be much greater, at $185 million. Now, to States like Illinois, with a $15 billion dollar deficit, and California with a whopping $28 billion dollar deficit, Idaho is doing well.

But Idaho has a different mindset than the larger union states. Idaho is ‘right-to-work’, and largely rural. They are a pay-as-you-go people, and a relatively small debt is a thorn in the side. Because of the pressure to bring the budget in line, cuts have been ordered across the board, and this includes the education sector. Superintendent of Education, Tom Luna (R) has recently announced his comprehensive plan to slash the State’s education costs.

It is expected that people are unhappy with the proposals, but this article does not intend to discuss Idaho’s education woes. It is instead to focus on the uncivil manner in which dissenting voices choose to be heard.

Superintendent Luna’s car has been vandalized, repeatedly. He has been followed into restaurants, for the purpose of “yelling him down.” One man even went to the home of his parents, who are in their 70’s, with the intention of threatening the couple. Luckily, Mr. Luna was there and able to deal with the situation. Now you may ask why such small actions warrant any attention, after all, it’s just the occasional kook, right? You have to understand Idaho.

Hollywood stars buy homes in Idaho, because not only will they not be hounded, they probably won’t be recognized. In Idaho, you “stay out of each others business.” The people are highly independent and extremely laid back. A typical “strike” in Idaho, is two men in front of a building, sipping out of coffee mugs and holding signs – and ten to one they were brought in from out of town to sit there.

But around the United States the tension between the R’s and the D’s and the equally aggressive tension between pro-union and pro-business is leading to greater conflict, and attacks that are more personal in nature. Enter SEIU and the protests held on people’s front lawns.

The attacks on Mr. Luna are just the latest in a long list of uncivil protests, but it does suggest that perhaps we, as citizens, are willing to accept too much incivility in our discourse.

I have an idea. If you don’t like a plan, by all means choose one of the following three options:

1) Write letters, make phone calls, talk to your friends, and hey- maybe submit an idea of your own.

2) Do nothing of substance; but do keep complaining. After all, that has always solved problems.

3) Vote the current administration out of office.

Do NOT go to the house of public servants. Do NOT post their addresses or their families addresses online. Do NOT post things about their children or parents. Come on people, didn’t anyone learn the Golden Rule?