Well, numbers fans, today was the day the Government Printing Office stocked up on toner and put the lasers into overdrive as The One put forth his much awaited 2012 Budget. It’s a light read – coming in at just over 2,400 pages (to include the required appendices). Sometimes I think budget writers go to the Walt Whitman Writing School and come out somehow believing they get paid by the word.

Like most Americans, all I want to know about The One’s budget is just how much it’s going to cost me and the other five remaining taxpaying Americans to fund all the hope and change in 2012. The answer to that trillion dollar question is $3.73 trillion. Yes, my fellow taxpayer. The Federal Government simply must spend $3.73 trillion in 2012. Any less would constitute cuts of a Gingrichian Draconian scale.

But, never fear, Citizen! The One has declared that over the next decade, his budgetary guidelines (which subsequent administrations are under no obligation to uphold) will cut $1.6 trillion off the total.

Dear reader, our Federal Government has been running in the red for as long as most people can remember. The difference between revenue and expenditures during any given fiscal year is called a “deficit”. The operating deficit for this fiscal year is somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.4 trillion.

Basically, what The One is trying to sell you is a plan where he’ll take 10 years to save the amount of money he has to borrow in a single year. Still too complicated? Let us take this to an analogy using Michelle Obama’s war on obesity as an example.

Taking $1.4 trillionoff a projected debt increase of nearly $14 trillion is akin to taking three french-fries from a McDonald’s Supersize Extra Value Meal and advertising it as a diet plate.


I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty hard sell no matter the smell. And the word best used to describe the smell coming from Team Obama’s budget is one I cannot utter on a PG blog.