A CPAC update from former PD contributor, Alaina:

A message to Ron Paul supporters who want to be taken seriously.

I know this post is going to bring a lot of Ron Paul supporters out of the woodwork. We can all thank Google Alerts for that. In any case, I’m not writing this post to debate Ron Paul’s platform or even his viability as a candidate. I am writing this because the behavior of Ron Paul supporters at CPAC this year was absolutely appalling and severely damaged his credibility.

Campaign for Liberty and other Pro-Ron Paul organizations do an absolutely amazing job of energizing his followers. I give you all lots of props and respect for your interest and passion regarding the direction of this country. That said, allowing your members to yell things like “war criminal” and “draft dodger” at Dick Cheney while he is trying to honor someone for winning an award, booing Donald Rumsfeld while accepting the Defender of the Constitution Award and yelling “you suck” at Orrin Hatch makes your entire organization look like a bunch loud mouthed hooligans and makes Ron Paul look like a Presidential Candidate with fringe followers.

In my opinion, one of the major differences between liberals and the rest of us is that we can debate with civility, but your group proved this weekend that you are no better than them. If we wanted to hear those kind of things, we’d attend a DNC convention.

Those who aren’t avid supporters for Ron Paul don’t want him or Rand to attend CPAC in the future. Not because of them, but because of the behavior of the crowd that follows. No matter how great you think Ron Paul’s message is, you will never be taken seriously because your lack of respect for the opinions of others and their service for this country. If you want to convince the rest of the world to listen to him, come with facts, don’t shout down people who have a different opinion and control the obnoxious members of your group.

Again, I admire your passion and many campaigns should take note of your organizational skills. I’ll also make a prediction and congratulate you on Ron Paul winning the straw poll in advance. However, if you ever want Ron Paul to be viewed as mainstream rather than lunatic fringe, treating others with a little respect will go a long way at places like CPAC.