During the 2008 election, one of my favorite types of posts was to highlight some of the more interesting fund raising stunts the various candidates would roll out.

Some of the greatest hits include “Win a Date with Barack Obama,” “You could star in the next Hillary video,” and my personal favorite, “Win John Edward’s mom’s pecan pie recipe.”

That’s about the only thing worth liking about Edwards, and its more about his mom than him.

But under the new leadership of Reince Priebus, the GOP has rolled out the first fund raising idea in some time that got my attention: Valentines from your favorite Democrats.

That’s right, for a modest donation, you can send your special loved ones a personalized Valentines e-card from one of about 15 Democrats, just like the one below:

Pat down!

I’ve heard that Janet Napolitano herself will conduct the pat-down.