The PD Power Rankings are among the multitude of places you can find the names of folks considered to be running or front running for the 2012 Republican nomination. Some of these lists even include long shots like Rick Santorum, and even longer shots like John Bolton and, ahem, Donald Trump.

But missing from almost every lists are two names that, at the very least, would elicit a fairly strong response if they were to decide to seek the nomination: Rick Perry and Jeb Bush.

Let’s first take a look at Texas Governor Rick Perry. Rick has never seemed loved by conservatives, at least the ones that frequent the corral here at Political Derby. But as the longest ever serving governor of one of the most populous states in the nation, Perry would seem to be a formidable prospect for the Oval.

The biggest question surrounding Perry appears to be his conservative cred. Well, cue his agenda in the wake of winning his third term in 2010, and lookie what we have here. Quite the interesting choice of issues and the conservative stance he’s taking on them.

Jeb Bush makes for a fascinating study in a candidate who with a different last name, could be the front runner right now. A former governor of Florida with a background in business who managed to gain and hold strong support in the Cuban and Jewish communities of Florida.

But of course the name “Bush” seemed to be an anchor around his neck just a couple of years ago. However, the Bush name is slowly being rehabilitated, and the son once portrayed as being the one most likely to follow in his father’s footsteps could be well positioned to take on the man who succeeded his brother in the White House.

Rick Perry? Jeb Bush?

The bugle is sounding the call to the post fellas.

Will you be at the starting gate?