Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post seems to think so, and his piece on Newt sparks some fascinating questions about a race that really hasn’t started yet.

Is it possible that Newt Gingrich — the most prominent Republican politician on the national stage for much of the 1990s — is being overlooked as he prepares for a near-certain presidential run in 2012?

Amazingly, yes.

Gingrich was once the most powerful Republican in the nation, and his intelligence, creativity and experience make him a candidate to be reckoned with to be sure. But three marriages could make him persona non grata to religious conservatives, and he is still a polarizing figure to many.

Cillizza sums up Gingrich with this tasty line:

His detractors note that Gingrich is the Icarus of Republican politics — he flies high but always winds up going just a little too close to the sun.

Only time will tell if Gingrich will share the same fate of failed ambition with the Greek legend Icarus, or achieve the brilliant success of a young David Kaiser, who beat the Nintendo video game classic Kid Icarus some 25 years ago.