Barbara Bush, the daughter of former President George W. Bush (who himself campaigned for the passage of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage) released a video this week endorsing gay marriage.

The video is part of the “New Yorkers for Marriage” series from the Human Rights Campaign. The series of videos features a number of famous New Yorkers (Ms. Bush now lives in Manhattan ) including Mayor Bloomberg, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kevin Bacon and others stating their support for marriage equality.

Bush now joins the list of daughters of prominent conservatives who have openly stated their support on issues of gay rights, including DADT, marriage and adoption. John McCain’s daughter Meghan has been famously outspoken on many of these issues despite her father leading every attempt to keep DADT in place. And, former VP Dick Cheney’s daughter Mary’s sexual orientation became an issue at times while he was in office.

One of the most amazing things about this is that these statements don’t come from radical “anti-dad” tree-hugging, hippy kids. For the most part, Bush, Cheney and McCain (the daughters) are still supportive of their respective fathers’ political positions on most topics. This issue appears to becoming generational more and more each day. We’ll likely look back with shame one day on the policies some of our politicians supported when it comes to equality and sexual orientation.