Here’s an interesting look at a potential Romney campaign, version 2012.


  • Brian H

    I really liked Pence as a possible run as well. I am also very supportive of Pawlenty and Thune.

    Out of all of the horses who have made a run and made names for themselves I would put Huckabee at the top. If he should fall it will be to either Thine or Pawlenty….my prediction.

    My early lines have shifted a bit….

    1. Huckabee
    2. Pawlenty or Thune
    3. Romney
    4. Newt
    5. Daniels

    Palin will not run, I am convinced more and more each day of that. She does not even attempt to muster the discipline needed to make a solo run.

    • Troy La Mana

      I agree that Palin won’t run but I think she will be campaigning hard for Michele Bachmann.

      • Gary Russell

        Also agree that Sarah won’t run.

        But, I don’t think that she would support a (very improbable) Bachmann run. Sarah is not the loose cannon that the MSM tries to portray. I see her supporting and campaigning with someone with conservative cred, but who is a potential winner with her support (maybe Thune, Pawlenty, or even Gingrich).

        • Brian H

          Much agreed. I am sorry but the thought of a Bachmann run at the POTUS is simply unserious. If she makes a run she will prove herself to also be a person who is unserious.

          • Troy La Mana

            Maybe so, but that what I draw from her giving the Tea Party response. If the GOP screws up this golden opportunity, she then sets herself up as the candidate that will be the savior of the party.

  • Gary Russell

    With the decision by Pence (my early favorite) to run for governor rather than prez, I’m back to square one in my candidate shopping.

    I’m still very wary of Romney’s conservative convictions, but I do think that he brings a lot to the table. I probably won’t support him in the primaries, but I certainly would take him in a heartbeat over the O-bomb.

    This article, though…the title was quite misleading. I didn’t see that he is readying a “different kind of campaign” at all.

    • Alaina

      Me too… on all counts.

    • Whodat

      Agreeing with your final para, Gary,
      I took away from the article one telling item:

      “…Romney remarked in the childlike way of a candidate at work, who often must say something and nothing at the same time.”

      Sure sounds like the same Romney campaign to me.

      Of course, this was a Time/CNN article leaving the question, “Did both the people who read it agree with us?”

  • Rochelle

    Come on guys. He has already admitted that healthcare didn’t work like it was supposed to in Mass and he wouldn’t do it Nation-wide. Can we just let it go? I would rather a President have made past mistakes and have learned from them, then have someone, like our current POTUS, who is making the mistakes on the job. He was a very popular Governor. And he is conservative, even though the state he represented was LIBERAL! He might have some experience working with both sides and leading from the Middle. I’m not positive that he is my choice at this moment, but I am at least willing to listen to his ideas and accomplishments.

    • Troy La Mana

      I was ready to listen in 2008, not now.

      • Troy La Mana

        I think people are forgetting how he flip-flopped on some issues like Kerry. The article doe mention that as well.

    • Brian H

      Well said, Rochelle.


  • Troy La Mana

    I think the electorate is much smarter then Romney seems to believe. He won’t be able to slink back into the shadows and RomneyCare is going to be his albatross