Seriously, how bad a candidate do you have to be to lose to Harry Reid? How did this man win reelection? This guy is a complete embarrassment in every way.

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  • Brian H

    It is absurd to blame Reid for strategies that won him the election. Is there a such thing as fair play in politics?

    Harry is a below average Senator and below average politician who faced a way below average challenge. Props to the tea for their victories but some lessons need to be learned from their defeats.

  • East of Eden

    And yes, Harry Reid will always be a slimy guy.

    However, it’s worth mentioning, even though Sharron Angle and whatever her name was from Delware didn’t win, there were a lot of Tea Party candidates that did win.

    And when it comes down to it, I think Harry Reid, was willing to play dirtier than Angle. I believe he and his union supporters probably bought some votes here and there, enough so that he’d win. That’s how unions work in New Mexico, I’m sure it’s not that far off in Nevada.

    • Troy La Mana

      It’s not. The aforementioned voting machines that started out with Reid’s name being checked off is part of it. Reid, through the union, demanding that workers at a casino vote for him, amother others, dictated the final vote. If Reid had played it clean he would have lost.

  • Brian H

    Harry Reid, like Nancy P., is not very bright. The best thing to happen to the GOP is that Harry and Nancy remain the faces of the Democrat Party.

    Harry says we have to do something to fix the runaway spending of Medicare/Medicaid yet he shoved through legislation that will add 50 million peasants to the role.


  • Brian H

    Its nice to see that Ol’Harry now recognizes that decisions made at the local level are better than decisions made by some “bureaucrat” in Washington, D.C.

    I wonder if Ol’Harry will vote to repeal Obama-Care and all of the other liberal policies that are designed to consolidate power to the Washington “bureaucrats”.

    Good call, Harry.

  • East of Eden

    I agree Angle was not the best candidate, but honestly what is your obsession with this topic….I thought we were looking toward 2012?

    • Stephen Meehan

      I think this is relevant to 2012. If the Republican primaries continue to go to Tea Party candidates the caliber of Angle, 2012 is going to be a mighty struggle for the Republicans. A candidate like Angle can’t win anyone even close to the middle.

    • Jason Wright, Editor

      Obsession with the topic? Does one post constitute an obsession?

      Reid came off as slimy ingrate in this interview, a guy who couldn’t or shouldn’t get elected dog catcher. It simply reminded me that he wouldn’t have that job anymore if Angle hadn’t been the nominee.

      • East of Eden

        You’ve mentioned her a few times in the last month or so, acutally.

        • Jason Wright, Editor

          I have? Where? Links please.

  • dw

    I think the bigger story is the apparent infighting within the Dem party.

    “He’s got enough power already.” Yikes! Just a year ago they were all best friends…

  • Troy La Mana

    I disagree David. The biggest reason why Angle lost was because of Clark and Washoe counties which are Democrat strongholds. It was near impossible, no matter who ran, to win those counties. The secondary reason is because the RNC in this state is pretty pathetic about running and supporting candidates.

    I was very shocked at the gap between the two candidates as everyone I ever talked to was voting against Reid. I suspect the voting machines that automatically selected Reid had something to do with the outcome.

    • Jason Wright, Editor

      Tough to win those counties? That’s not the point, she needed to win the margin in other places. That’s how every state is. You know the areas where you absolutely can’t win and the areas you have to clean up to make up the difference.

      Seems Nevada has another GOP senator who’s managed to win statewide. Sen. Ensign ring a bell?

      Oh, and the last three governors have been republicans, too.

      There are two reasons Harry Reid is still embarrassing himself and the senate today.

      1. Sharron

      2. Angle

      • Troy La Mana

        I don’t disagree that there is enough blame to go around. I would add a third.

        3. State GOP

  • David Kaiser, Editor

    I say it’s because the majority of Tea Party candidates are unelectable and the movement will either go away or wreck the Republican party.

    Just my opinion.