Epic Fail-edit

A few life times ago, I spent a few years working on a railroad – all the live long day and night. During those years I witnessed and was part of a few train wrecks. No, I didn’t cause any of them. That’s a filthy lie. It was sub standard track. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

But I digress. Where was I? Train wrecks.

One of the most dangerous types of train wreck is where the engineer is unaware (for whatever reason) that part of his train has derailed and he continues to plow ahead at track speed whilst his train drags on behind him tearing up tracks, grade crossings, buildings, and passing cars. Sometimes this results in many miles of destruction before the train is finally stopped.

Looking back on the first half of what will hopefully be the only term of Team Obama, I can only echo the comments of the fictional US Marshall Sam Girard (played so ably by Tommy Lee Jones) when he looked out on the famous train wreck scene from The Fugitive:

My, my, my, what a mess!

I’ll take some time out from my pillaging of San Diego tonight to listen to The One as he takes to the national stage to deliver the constitutionally required presidential report on the “state of the union”. The event will no doubt be full of all the requisite pomp and circumstance we’ve come to expect from a presidential address.

This will be a pivotal address for The One. He can either take a look back at the wreckage he’s pulling a long and stop the disaster before it gets any worse, or he can pull a Casey Jones and drop the throttle to notch number eight and keep barreling along until he plunges headlong off the cliff – all the while declaring the recovery is picking up speed.

In the mean time, I’ll buy a beverage of choice to anyone who can find a camera trained on The Pelosi to see her face when the Sergeant at Arms comes into the House Chamber and bellows:

Mister Speaker, the President of the United States!!”


  • Liz

    Hee hee great analogy and an enjoyable read. I thought once again as I listened to part of the SOTU address…”What a straaaange little man.”

    • Michael W

      Liz…looks like the comment was removed. ?. But thanks for your reply. Yes, a strange little man indeed.

  • Troy La Mana

    Just to put things into perspective:

    • Economy and Business
    Unemployed workers, January 2000: 4.0%
    Unemployed workers, January 2011: 9.4%

    Dow Industrial Average, Jan. 25, 2000:11,029
    Dow Industrial Average, Jan. 20, 2011:11,822

    U.S. federal debt, September 2000:$5,674,178,209,886
    U.S. federal debt, September 2010:$13,561,623,030,891

    • Politics
    Congressional approval, December 2000:55% approve; 30% disapprove
    Congressional approval, September 2010:20% approve, 73% disapprove

    Confidence in national news media, December 2000:40% have little or no confidence
    Confidence in national news media, January 2011:42% have little or no confidence

    Confidence in the federal government, December 2000:19% have little or no confidence
    Confidence in the federal government, January 2010:35% have little or no confidence

    • Travel
    Average price of a gallon of gas, 2000:$1.51/gallon
    Average price of a gallon of gas, 2011: $3.08/gallon

    Average airfare, 2000:$339
    Average airfare, 2011: $335 (through second quarter of 2010)

    • Education
    Average salary for public high school teachers, 1999-2000:$42,546
    Average salary for public high school teachers, 2008-2009:$53,724

    Science and math literacy (U.S. ranking on OECD PISA test given to 15-year-olds), 2000:14th in science, 19th in math
    Science and math literacy (U.S. ranking on OECD PISA test given to 15-year-olds), 2009:23rd in science, 31st in math

  • Troy La Mana

    If you take his speech and every time he said invest you replace with spend you will realize that he hasn’t, and just can’t, change.

  • Gary Russell

    I thought that the address was typical of The One… pretty words with no basis in the reality of his policy.

    What I’m REALLY intrigued by is the whole angle that CNN is taking with the Tea Party response. They’ve gone to great lengths to build themselves up as the only news organization that is broadcasting Bachmann’s Tea Party response.

    But it is blatantly obvious that their sole purpose in broadcasting it is to spend the next hours (days?) trying to advance the storyline of “Oh my! The Republicans are so split that they can’t even agree on ONE response. They can’t get their act together!”

    I think that it is backfiring on them. They simply gave additional time to the voices that oppose ObamaCare and expanded government.
    Shoot, if they think that multiple responses will hurt conservatives, I wish they’d go all out and give a few more Repubs some air time.

    Extra air time for Republicans … this is CNN????
    They’ll wake up tomorrow and rue this idea.

    • Gary Russell

      BTW, Cordeiro, I’m with you. I relished every shot of EX-speaker Pelosi’s mug.

      SOOOOOOOO nice to NOT see her behind the prez.

    • Rochelle

      A couple of weeks ago,the head honcho at the network that owns CNN appeared on FOX, (I know!) and talked about how the format at CNN was changing to be more balanced. I think this was probably the first attempt. At least one could hope. (Ah, pipe-dreams.)