Epic Fail-edit

A few life times ago, I spent a few years working on a railroad – all the live long day and night. During those years I witnessed and was part of a few train wrecks. No, I didn’t cause any of them. That’s a filthy lie. It was sub standard track. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

But I digress. Where was I? Train wrecks.

One of the most dangerous types of train wreck is where the engineer is unaware (for whatever reason) that part of his train has derailed and he continues to plow ahead at track speed whilst his train drags on behind him tearing up tracks, grade crossings, buildings, and passing cars. Sometimes this results in many miles of destruction before the train is finally stopped.

Looking back on the first half of what will hopefully be the only term of Team Obama, I can only echo the comments of the fictional US Marshall Sam Girard (played so ably by Tommy Lee Jones) when he looked out on the famous train wreck scene from The Fugitive:

My, my, my, what a mess!

I’ll take some time out from my pillaging of San Diego tonight to listen to The One as he takes to the national stage to deliver the constitutionally required presidential report on the “state of the union”. The event will no doubt be full of all the requisite pomp and circumstance we’ve come to expect from a presidential address.

This will be a pivotal address for The One. He can either take a look back at the wreckage he’s pulling a long and stop the disaster before it gets any worse, or he can pull a Casey Jones and drop the throttle to notch number eight and keep barreling along until he plunges headlong off the cliff – all the while declaring the recovery is picking up speed.

In the mean time, I’ll buy a beverage of choice to anyone who can find a camera trained on The Pelosi to see her face when the Sergeant at Arms comes into the House Chamber and bellows:

Mister Speaker, the President of the United States!!”