That’s right folks, PD co-founder Stephen “Scrubb” Fountain turns 40 today. I know he’d love a little ribbin’ from you!

Happy Birthday, Old Timer! Hope you got the case of Metamucil I sent last week.


  • East of Eden

    Should we book the ‘early bird’ room at the Denny’s? Happy Birthday Stephen!

  • Stephen Fountain

    Well Happy Birthday Rusty! And thanks for the other HB wishes!

    I hardly feel a day older than 39.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Wow Stephen, you and I share the same birthday, and same birth year. I turned forty on the 22nd as well. Happy belated birthday.

  • Gary Russell

    Ah, forty.
    That magical age when your mid-section suddenly develops “Dunlop” disease.
    (Dun lopped over my belt…)
    Enjoy, Stephen!

  • Alaina

    Happy birthday!!!

  • Brian H

    Happy B-Day!!

  • Troy La Mana

    That young whipper snapper better respect his elders! Have a good one Stephen.

  • RickyD

    Happy birthday person I’ve never met! First time I’ve been by for a while. Last time I think it was someone elses birthday. What about me? ;)