Rudy Giuliani says the door is still open to a presidential run:

“I will take a look at 2012. It’s really a question of: can I play a useful role? Would I have a chance of getting the nomination? Those are things I’ll have to evaluate, you know, as the year goes along,” said Giuliani, in an interview Thursday on CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report.”

Raise your virtual hands if you think Rudy has prayer of competing in 2012.


  • Thomas Jackson

    Rudy gets my vote right after Dewey.

  • Gary Russell

    By definition, Rudy never “RAN” for President in 2008.

    He never even broke into a slow “TROT”.

    You can’t even say that he “STUMBLED” out of the gate, since you can’t actually stumble unless you are moving forward.

    Maybe a better question would be…
    “Will Rudy STAND for a few weeks, then COLLAPSE quickly?”

    My answer would be…

    Great mayor.
    Epic failure as a prez candidate.
    Future cabinet member? Sure.

    • Brian H

      HAHAHA!!! Very funny, and so true.

      I’m not sure Rudy ever left the paddock.

  • Steve Feinstein

    Can Rudy Giuliani be relevant in 2012?

    He probably has more name recognition and a larger generalized positive goodwill reservoir than any other Republican at this point.

    He is well-known and warmly remembered for his actions in the aftermath of 9-11. Bringing 9-11 back to the fore in peoples’ minds may not be a net positive for the election, however. Certainly, the Liberal Media will be very reluctant to highlight that aspect of his resume, as it would both make Obama look bad by comparison (reminding voters of Obama’s incomprehensible, inept actions in the Ft. Hood and Christmas Day incidents), and it would remind voters in a general sense that Republicans are stronger than Democrats on this issue.

    That’s not something the MSM is going to stress.

    He lowered NYC’s crime rate precipitously, making the city both habitable for its residents and once again a great tourist attraction.

    He got the City’s financial house in order, which is particularly relevant in these times.

    His stance on abortion is ‘fluid,’ to the consternation of hard-core Conservatives, but his 2008 vow to appoint “strict constructionists” (read: anti-Roe) judges to the Supreme Court is reassuring to that contingent.

    He needs to liven up his public speaking style, and emphasize that running a big city like NYC is akin to being the Governor of a state, as far as managing police, budgets, crime, business, etc. are concerned.

    His personal life would be ravaged mercilessly by the MSM, and he would need to get out in front of that and preempt them, essentially making it a “shame on them for stooping so low” situation. That will require some deft communications handling.

    He could be a force, based on his experience and capabilities. It all depends on his marketing/presentation.

  • East of Eden

    Yesterday’s old bread….next.

  • Alaina

    Although I would LOVE to see Rudy as President, I don’t see it happening.

    Pence 2012!

  • Brian H

    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

    Bring back the “one state” strategy, Rudy!

    Anyone ready to begin the bring back Fred Thompson campign? Has he awaken from his nap, yet?

    How bout Alan Keyes? Is he available?

    • David Kaiser, Editor

      The Fred Thompson campaign at least has the honor of being the butt of my favorite power ranking joke of all time.

      I’m paraphrasing a bit, but it went something like “the Fred Thompson campaign was the biggest bust out of Tennessee since Dolly Parton.”

      • Brian H

        TOOOO FUNNY!!!!!

        If he only had garnished her level of support.