Please welcome Stephen Meehan to the pond. Play nice with the new guy!

The Oval from USA Today is reporting that Obama “is on a political roll.” Jackson cites Obama’s rising approval ratings and a new McLatchy-Marist survey that says Obama is crushing any and all potential GOP candidates, particularly Sarah Palin. I’m not as shocked by this as I am by the fact that everyone up till now had been basically counting Obama out of the race.

It seems like everyone I talk to about 2012 just assumes that the Republican primary is the real race and Obama will roll over and play dead. According to , 54% of Americans think he’ll lose (it’s question 10). Has everyone forgotten just how unpopular George Bush was in the lead-up to the 2004 election? His approval ratings were well below 50% by election time and were in the process of a total downward spiral (if you look, he was at close to 75% at this point in that election cycle). Things change fast in this country, especially the minds of voters and don’t forget, despite the recent “throw ‘em out!” success of the Tea Party, incumbents maintain a huge advantage, particularly in Presidential elections.

I, for one, think Obama has his second term all but wrapped up. Do you think the GOP stands a chance?