A call for civility


Filed Under General on Jan 11 

At least six families are mourning the deaths of loved ones, and one more is holding on to hope, after Saturday’s horrendous shootings. Yet even before the shock can completely disseminate, members of both the left and the right are claiming the other side did it. No time for kindness, no time for brotherhood or charity, but cheap vitriol and angry rhetoric, which is probably what fueled this event in the first place. I am saddened and sickened by it. Are we not American’s first? Is our compassion saved only for those in places like Africa, to be pulled out when politically expedient, and stuffed back when looking at our neighbors who differ from us politically?

Within minutes of the announcement the blame game started:

“Many on the American Left said the horror could be traced to the malign influence of American conservatives; members of the Tea Party; right-wing pundits Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck; former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin; and Fox News.

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There were just as many accusations from the right. “Jared Lee Loughner was a Communist who was angry with Rep. Gabrielle Giffords for not voting for Nancy Pelosi as minority leader,” etc. etc. This is a tragedy, a horrific event. There will be time enough to decide the what and the why of Loughner’s actions. But right now, could we not put aside the debate and help these families heal? Could we not take a lesson from the event and begin to speak with civility? We are, after all, Americans, not right and left.