When a football team has a bad season, and the powers that be aren’t quite ready to fire the head coach, usually an axe or two has to fall on the assistant coaches.

After getting drilled in the midterm elections along the same lines the New York Giants got rocked in one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history by the Philadelphia Eagles a few weeks ago, Coach Obama looks to be cutting his ties with a few of his assistants.

Gone already, and trying to carpetbag his way into the Mayor’s office in Chicago, is Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Also announcing he is leaving is David Axelrod, a major part of Obama’s campaign team and a senior adviser to the President.

Next on the list appears to be White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. While Gibbs may be stepping down, he is not stepping away like Emanuel did, as he is expected to play a role on the outside as a talking head in support of Obama and perhaps working on his reelection team for 2012.

There has been no official word on the rumor that Obama has reached out to Michael Vick as a potential replacement for Gibbs, but given Vick’s scrambling abilities, it would make sense for an administration that seems to be getting blitzed on all sides.