Here’s an entertaining look back at the 10 worst decisions of 2010. As Politico says, these aren’t to be confused with gaffes. These are bone-headed decisions that changed story lines forever.


  • Troy La Mana

    I still don’t think Chirstie O’Donnell was a bad decision. Not backing the primary winner within the first hour of her winning is the bad decision. The RNC should have sent in a crack team to give her a quick course on how to handle the media.

    • Brian H

      She was terrible, Troy.

      • Troy La Mana

        That doesn’t mean you bash your candidate within one hour of winning the primary. It means you double your effort to either make her or sell her as a better candidate.

        • Jason Wright, Editor

          Troy, that only works in a world where you have unlimited resources. But we don’t live in that world. The party only had so much money to go around. It turned out to be a good thing they didn’t support her and instead supported better candidates with a snowballs chance of winning. Aren’t you thrilled Rand Paul and others won? Well it certainly helped that the RNC was judicious with sending cash around. Given the blowout, every penny they spent went up in flames.

          Every time this comes up you sound as if she shares no blame for her loss. You’re the only person I read anywhere still defending her and blaming the party.

          I’m curious, were you saying all these same things the other times she lost? This was her THIRD run for senate in FIVE years.

          She didn’t lose because the party “bashed your candidate”. She lost because she’s Christine O’Donnell.

          • Troy La Mana

            I didn’t know about her back then. I still think she was the better candidate considering the political climate at the time, and apparently the voters of Delaware did too. If Castle would have won he would have still backed the Obama agenda and thus it was a null loss. As it turned out Republicans would not have won the Senate even if she did win. I guess what still gets in my crawl is that the party should have backed her from the get go and not when forced to do so. It may or may not have made a difference but it was the right thing to do.

            • Jason Wright, Editor

              Troy, if the voters thought she was the better candidate she wouldn’t have gotten plastered in the general election by a guy who had no business winning. And she won the nomination in the first place because the GOP was asleep at the wheel and turnout was low. And let’s remember she won the nomination by 3K votes and was beaten in the general by 50K. She didn’t win the nomination, Castle lost it.

              And it’s laughable to say eh, who cares, her seat didn’t matter anyway because it wouldn’t have given control to the senate. That opportunity is lost now for 12, maybe 18 years. So while it might not have made a difference now, it could many times between now and whenever Coons retires in a very blue state. Senate seats are extremely tough to turn in a place like Delaware.

              Ugh, this notion that Castle would have just backed the Obama agenda is simply uninformed. Castle is not a liberal. He’s a moderate republican. Frankly he would have looked a lot like Scott Brown in Mass. Do I wish Brown were more conservative? Sure, but he’s going to vote our way more than he doesn’t.

              The good news is you’ll likely have another chance to be O’Donnell’s #1 cheerleader. No doubt she’ll run again for something statewide. That’s what perennial candidates do :)

              • Troy La Mana

                Hopefully this is a lession to the state GOP to get behind a true conservitive candidate. No, Castle isn’t a liberal but he is RINO. I truely don’t care if she ever runs again. I am just pointing out that there are many parts to this failure and is not O’Donnels alone.

              • Jason Wright, Editor

                Rejoice! Troy, as much as it pains me to say, I think we finally agree on this one :) Yes yes yes the state should have been smarter about who they nominated and there is plenty blame to be shared. I have absolutely never suggested the loss was all on O’Donnell. Political losses (or wins) are team efforts.

                I’m also glad to hear you say you don’t care of she runs again. Because if she does in the state of Delaware, she’s going to lose.

              • Troy La Mana

                It was never about the candidate for me but how she was treated. If she really was that bad of a candidate then at least the party brass should have STHU and let her win or loose without any stabs in the back from them. She probably would have lost anyway but Rove didn’t help the situation. I think you sometimes read more into what I post then what I mean.

  • Brian H

    Fairly good list.

    My top ten list…

    10. California re-electing Moonbeam Brown as Gov. – This has yet to play itself out but will likely render the same results that California deserves.

    9. NPR firing Juan Williams – Proved what everyone already knew about NPR but now put a target on NPR that will likely result in it losing ALL remaining Federal subsidies. Juan got a FOX News raise.

    8. Obama holding a presser with Bill Clinton – The empty suit next to the stiff suit showed a man is in over his head.

    7. Seeing the movie MACHETE – Two hours of gratuitous violence masked as social commentary about the gloriousness of illegal immigrants versus the racism of white America. The chick and the beginning was hot, however.

    6. Mel Gibson calling his mail order Russian ex-wife on the phone. – Blacklisted by an industry that celebrates alcoholics, drug addicts, and child rapists, Mel is learning the hard way that the most brutal crime of all is to drop the “N” word in a drunken stupor.

    5. Mining for coal in Chile – At least those in the ground weren’t subjected to the daily 24 hour news cycle of their plight.

    4. Obama handling of oil spill and his halting ALL new off-shore drilling as a result. – Another rookie reactionary decision that will continue to hurt an already struggling economy. Joke.

    3. Putting Bradley Manning in charge of classified documents.

    2. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – Both not going away is going to be devastating to the Democrats. Wait, I forgot this is worst decisions of 2010.

    1. Watching the Texans every week! – A decision that will not be repeated in 2011.

    • Brian H

      PS – Have a HAPPY New Year, all! Another year has passed in the world of PD. The POTUS Derby is now upon us and watching the field of horses prep for the challenge should prove quite interesting.

      • Whodat

        My friend,
        Please allow an older, not necesarily wiser, but older gentlemen give you a key to happiness: Become a FREE AGENT FAN. I am for whoever is winning. After all, the owners and players have no loyalty to us; they will leave for a buck in a heartbeat. So, why torment yourself by continuing to put your emotional energy behind losers who let you down? Be at peace, go with the flow, go with the winner – any winner*.

        I had happened upon this liberating idea one season years ago. As always, the Oilers and the Cowboys were awful and I had no Texas team near the Super Bowl… I can’t even remember who was playing the Patriots that year, but I was all for them. But, I was negotiable. I had to go home from the party (next door) and change cloths at half time to be in the right colors. I was so happy when my team won!

        Politics is different because it does often, not always, matter who wins. In sports, it really makes no difference in my life, taxes, car payment, golf game, monthly income. So, it really does not matter. Find peace in sports flexibility.

        *Dah Vinnie Disclaimah – Hey, dis don’t include no New York (Nuevo Yorke) team. I root for locusts, earthquakes, civil insurrection, big snows and swamp gas against anything from New York or Joisey. Forgetaboutit. Doz bums is bums!

        • Brian H

          Most excellent advice, Jedi Master.

          I have too come to the same realization. Sports is a product and I am a consumer. To blindly follow a team, ot teams, that take their customers for granted in an act of stupidity. I have seen bad movies, I do not go back to see them again. I will not support whoever is winning but I have decided, as a consumer, that I will root for teams and organizations that attempt to to provide a quality product on the field of action and that are responsive to the consumer. Bob Mcnair may be willing to accept and live with mediocracy but I no longer am.