Merry Christmas, all. It’s been quiet around the track lately. Hope none of our contributors were kidnapped by Santa.

Here’s a piece from Jeff Jacoby worth reading and debating.

With the release of the 2010 Census data, the decennial rejiggering of the nation’s political map has begun. Eight states will be gaining seats in the US House of Representatives, while 10 states’ House delegations will shrink. Among the winners are Texas, where the number of residents has soared by 4.3 million since the 2000 Census; Utah, whose population is up more than 530,000; and Washington, which has grown 14 percent, to 6.7 million.

It stands to reason that states with more people are allotted more House seats. That is exactly what the Framers intended, as James Madison made clear in Federalist No. 55. “I take for granted,’’ he wrote, “that the number of representatives will be augmented from time to time in the manner provided by the Constitution.’’

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